My All Time Favorite K-Christmas Songs…

My Favourite Season of the Year has finally arrived! Only 6 weeks to Christmas… Yeh! So, it is time to bring those Christmas Songs and put them on our daily music playlist.

Here, I want to introduce my top 10 favourite Christmas songs from the K-Pop scene.

No 1 – Christmas Miracle by Shin Seung Hun : The song that I heard on the street of Dongdaemun, Seoul 14 years ago, introducing me to the beautiful voice of Shin Seung Hun (King of Ballad in Korea)

No 2 – Magic Castle by TVXQ  : I was introduced to this song only about 4 years ago when I discover the talented Group, TVXQ (Also known as DBSK in some country). The group originally started with a 5 member group which later parted ways, leaving only 2 members in the original group. This beautiful song are from the 5 member group period. Beautiful song with a beautiful MV

No 3 – For the First Time by Kangta : Kangta, a multi-talented singer and song writer 

No 4 – Miracle in December by EXO : A popular Chinese-South Korean boy band

No 5 – Christmas Wishes by Mystic Holiday : from the Mystic Holiday 2013 album, sang by the talented singer, Park JiYoon

No 6 – Snow Candy by K.Will, SISTAR & BOYFRIEND : Special Project song sang by popular singer, K.Will and K-Pop group, SISTAR & BOYFRIEND

No 7 – White Forever by MBLAQ : Another popular boy band from South Korea

No 8 – Because It’s Christmas by Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Seok Hoon, Seo In Guk, VIXX : Jelly Christmas 2012 Project team with a combination of talented singers and groups. A very beautiful and cathy song

No 9 – Winter Propose : Jelly Christmas 2013 Project team with a combination of talented singers and groups

No 10 – Christmas Time by Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, Brian Joo, Lisa, Park Hak Ki, Kim hyung Joong, Kyun Woo : Jelly Christmas 2010 Project team

There are indeed many nice Christmas Songs that were produced in the K-Pop scene over the past decades due to the popularity of these very talented singers. The songs recommended are the top 10 in my playlist for this year.

Enjoy the preparation to the festive season everyone! AND enjoy the songs!

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