New kids in Puchong, Moonlight Cake House

It’s been over a week since the opening of Moonlight Cake House 2nd branch in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor. The place has been buzzing with people at all meal period since opening.

Address : 2, 3, 4, Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari 19, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, Selangor.

Today is my 4th visit to the cafe up on level 1. Must say that the revisit is worthed it as the service standard remains very good despite the associates here being young.

Some of the recommended food that I have tried here…

Mushroom soup with French Puff, creamy soup made with shiitake mushroom, shine ini mushroom and garlic served in French puff. Perfect soup for the soup lover!

One of the recommended dish in the menu, Tortilla with Sliced Sausage & Beef Bacon. This is served with German sausage, sliced cheese sauce, beef bacon and mix salad.

For the coffee lover, the coffee served here are awesome. Today I tried Piccolo Caffe Latte…… Indeed a very flavorful cup of coffee to cater for my caffeine needs today

Bamboo Charcoal Smoked Salmon Burger, served with mango sauce, mix salad and onion ring, the black burger is topped with smoked salmon, cheese and chicken floss

Smoked Salmon Sandwich, foccasia bread top with smoked salmon served with fries and mix salad

Overall this place is filled with young associates that are passionate. One can’t expect much on the level of services as they are fresh but it is at an acceptable level.

Indeed a recommendable place to hang out with your family and friends.

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