Shin Seung Hun (신승훈) is back with a new album

Oh yes, you got it right! My favorite Korean singer is back with a new album, his 11th album, finally a full-length album in 9 years. Known as the King of Ballad in South Korea,  he is also one of Korea’s most loved ballad artist. He is the first korean artist that got my attention almost 14 years ago, prompting me into the world of K-Pop when I make my first trip to Seoul back in November 2001.

His 11th album will be released in two parts : “I am” and “&I am” with part 1 released earlier this month which comprises of 6 tracks including the most recent music video for his title track, “Me, Myself (이게 나예요)” that was released on October 29, 2015. The music video starred actors Song Jae Rim and Gong Seung Yeon telling the story of a couple trying to get trough a break-up while sorting out their fluctuating emotions. The lyrics of the song described the emotions realistically.


Check out the beautiful song below :

Another one of my favorite song from this new album is, 신승훈 사랑이 숨긴 말들, the 3rd track in the 1st volume.

After listening to the 1st Volume of the album, I must say that the ballad legend is back with a style! Loved the whole album which allows his listeners to his recent development as an artist.


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