New kids in Puchong… Sushi Zento

There are many restaurants and cafe open recently in Puchong especially within the vacinity of Kenari @ Bandar Puchong Jaya.

Since the boys have completed their semester accessment today, we decided to rewards them with a dinner out at a restaurant of their choice. Being a Japanese food lover, they quickly choose Sushi Zento, one of the newly opened restaurant.

What is good about this place? Hmmm… The crew they had are very young but some of them are lacking in experience. We had an experience where the crew came wanting to clear our plates even before we are done… Overall, the services meet our expectation with only that little hiccup 😊

We decided to try the Sashimi Set, comes with a good selections of very fresh sashimi, rice, soup, salad, fruits and not forgetting chawan mushi. Indeed a good recommended selections

Selections of sashimi 

Another dish that we ordered…  Sashimi to Wakadori Teriyaki set, comes with teriyaki fried chicken, salad, rice, selections of sashimi and miso soup. Recommended set..

What is average here? The Tonsoku Ramen. Flavorful soup I must say however the ramen and the tamago that comes in the bowl is only average.

Overall, the experience here in Sushi Zento is good. 


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