Hai Siang Cafe, Sarawak Cuisine

Missing Sarawakian food? Being a Sarawakian myself, from time to time, we do missed the food. Lucky for us, there is a cafe opened by a Sarawakian in Puchong that offers authentic Sarawak food along with many other choices of food and sandwiches.

What’s good here? Of course not to be missed is the Sarawak Laksa, a traditional bowl originated from Sarawak that comes with rice vermicelli, omelette strips, shredded chicken, bean sprouts, prawns, fresh coriander and lime.

Sarawak laksa’s broth is made with a paste of sambal belacan, sour tamarind, galangal, lemongrass, herbs and spices, chicken stock and coconut milk.

The bowl of laksa goes well with ice local tea also known as Tea Peng in the local Hokkein language.

And for the little one… We enjoyed the A&W Rootbeer that is also available here 😍

The best place for a lazy afternoon lunch with family or friends 😍😍😍

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