A new hangout place @ PhotoGraffee Cafe (CLOSED)

It’s CyberMonday where crazy sale are going online… The best way for a shopaholic like me to escape is to leave the comfort of my home and check out new cafe around my area. After all, how much a cup of good latte would cost me vs shopping online for stuff that I may regret buying later 😉

So… With my best friend in tow, we head out to check out the new PhotoGraffee Cafe that we have heard people talk about located in Bandar Puchong Jaya in Puchong.  

 Our first impression walking in… Wow! The decoration are simple yet very eye catching…. Beautiful photos lined the wall while the furniture are a combination of funky and simple.  

Eye catcher… The huge camera painted on the wall where the food ordered will be passed through the ‘lense’ 

Started my morning with a good cup of butterscotch latte served with cute little macaroon 

We ordered Shutter Speed Waffle, very creative name for the dish which is a serving of waffles served with a choice of beef bacon or chicken ham, scramble eggs and salad. 

Not to mentioned that Big Bang music is playing while we enjoy our brunch cum chat aka catch up for this week. What more can a girl asked for? 😍

Update March 13, 2016 :- 

Unfortunately, just found out that this lovely cafe is no longer in operations. Refer to their Facebook page here

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