Bow Wow…. Cafe that allows dog

For the dog lovers out there, where do you go when you wanna catch up with friends and having to bring your dog together? Head down to Kenari in Puchong and check out Bow Wow cafe, cafe that accommodate those dog lovers.

What’s nice about this place? There is actually a playground for dogs available in the cafe. Though the menu is simple, this cafe is simple and spacious giving very comfortable space for those bringing in their dogs.


Simple food and drinks are served here. We tried the green tea latte and hot chocolate. The latte art on both drinks were beautiful.

Although it was a long wait, the Seafood Aglio Olio was value for money with a generous portion of seafood served in the dish.

Overall, a recommended place for those wishing to bring their dog for a walk and popping into a cafe for a drink or a meal.

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