Yeolbong Jjimdak (열봉찜닭) – Andong Chicken (안동찜닭)

The Holiday Season is here… Visiting Seoul and planning your places of interest and recommended dining area? Head down to Hongdae (홍대) and check out Yeolbong Jjimdak (열봉찜닭), restaurant opened by a popular Korean Celebrity, Se7en.

The address to the outlet that I patronized :


It is thanks to my wonderful girlfriend whom brought me to this outlet as I was not even aware of him having a restaurant. The best and funny memory of the lunch here is where I only realized that it is a restaurant belonging to Se7en when I was settling the bill where I noticed Se7en gifts from his fan club around the restaurant. I casually asked why is there so many Se7en stuff around when the lady behind the counter, Se7en’s mother replied, that is because the restaurant belongs to Se7en. My girlfriends sure had a wonderful time teasing and laughing at my blurriness…

I remember when Se7en debuted in 2003, 12 years ago into the K-Pop world, I started following his music, starting from his debut song, “Come Back to Me”. I followed his songs and albums all the way till 2010 when he released his album titled : Digital Bounce. I later, stop following his music due to work commitment.

Introduction to the main dish in the restaurant… Jjimdak (찜닭) which means boiled chicken which originated from the city of Andong, located in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. The dish contains chicken, vegetables that is marinated in ganjang (간장: Korean soy sauce) based sauce. The pot is then boiled over high heat till the potato and carrot slices softened and the dish is completed by adding shredded scallions and sesame seed.This dish is also known as Andong Jjimdak (안동찜닭) which means Braised Chicken of Andong.

The dish comes with glass noddles and you get to choose the spice level from none spicy (for those who cannot eat spicy food) to super spicy. We went for mild spicy level and it was delicious.

A little about the dish… the chicken are very tender and the glass noodles is very flavorful. One must remember to cut the noddles using their scissors otherwise. Enjoy the chewiness of the noodles that has been soaked in the thick flavorful gravy.

The vegetables in the stew, potatoes and carrots are cooked to perfection while retaining the natural sweetness.

The price here are affordable, ranging only from KRW20,000 – KRW40,000 depending on the size of the dish that you ordered. It is recommendable to go in a group of people as even the small portion is pretty huge (easily feed 2 – 3 person).

This is a recommended restaurant for YG fans as the walls leading up the stairs and within the restaurant are covered with photos and posters of the YG Family. Big Bang being a close friend of Se7en are almost everywhere. Not to mentioned fans of Se7en as you never know, you might just see one of those gifts that you have sent him being displayed.


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