cafe aA @ Hongdae, Seoul

I am not a big fan of Big Bang, however going on a holiday with my girlfriend recently gave me the opportunity to explore unique places / cafe that I never knew existed.

Cafe aA, located within aA The Design Museum @ Hongdae Area of Seoul is a must visit for the fans of TOP (Big Bang). This is a unique European-style hangout with a museum and cafe located in the 5-storey builing which also showcases designed furniture, fashion and art. A great place for those designer and art lovers as well!



What is behind the meaning of aA? The lowercase in “aA” stands for art, architecture and alive. The capital A is an unchanging value, that one expect “the best a person can get”.

The interior of the cafe is very unique and artistic. The walls are a mix washed-out chipped tiles and washed-out grey colour. This gives one a feel of a spookiness though the cafe is brightly lighted. The entire cafe has the elements of funkiness with designers tables and chairs. There are many beautiful yet antique stuffs around.

My favourite I must say is the lights hanging in the cafe… clusters of silver balls.


And the vintage typewriter that is displayed on the counter


To the fans of TOP (Big Bang), one of the highlight in cafe aA is the chair where it has been autographed by TOP (Big Bang). We were pretty lucky as when we get to the cafe, there were no fans around, hence we had the chair to us.

1407740224004 - Copy

A walk down the stairs from the cafe, we found the Vintage Metal bench, another contribution from TOP (Big Bang).

1407740228201 (2)


Even the toilet located on the ground floor of the building (must say that part of the stairways leading down is pretty spooky), is uniquely and artistically designed.

Because it is a hot summer when we were there, we enjoyed ourselves with the cool summer drinks that were available.

For those whom would be travelling to Seoul and would like to check out this place, the address and details as below :



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