Japanese lunch @ Ippodu

Fancy Japanese food? Head down to Ippodu for authentic quality Japanese food.

Today we patronize the outlet in The Garden. Apart from the good services, I must say that the food quality is indeed up to expectation.

 History of Ippodu : Started in Fukuoka by Shigemi Kawahara who see restaurant as a stage where each employee plays the acting role. Kawahara holds a place in the Ramen Hall of Fame after winning TV Champion Ramen Chef 3 times consecutively and also TBS Ramen King competition. 

For today, we had the set lunch which comes with appetizer and value add on the green tea @ RM3 only. Real value for money as you only pay RM33 for a complete set which includes a regular bowl of ramen (various options available). 


Shiromaru Ramen  
Shoyu Ramen   
Karaka-men Ramen

We also ordered Gyoza as side order. Freshly made to order, the Gyoza is flavorful and juicy.


Ending our lunch with sweet dessert, sesame ice-cream 😍 The perfect ending to a good catch up with friends 😆 Indeed a highly recommended venue for a get-together.


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