Follow Your Dream @ Seoul – Part 1

Planning a girls getaway? Don’t know where to go? For those who are into K-Pop or K-Drama, Seoul would be a great place to explore. I know as we did a short 1 week vacation just last summer.

We started the journey with 2 separate group flying into Seoul from 2 different destination. Upon arrival in Incheon Airport, after taking the “Red-eye flight” we started our journey with a good breakfast @ Paris Croissant.

After breakfast, we head down to Seoul from Incheon Airport by using the Airport Limousine bus. To take the Airport Limousine Bus, one will need to purchase the tickets from the counter available in Incheon Airport. The fare starts from KRW9,000 depending on the stop that one wishes to alight. The journey into Seoul takes about 1 hour.

We arrived at our stop, Hongik University where our accommodation, Swan House is located. The Airport Limousine Bus Stop is just right in front of Swan House.

Our accommodation, Swan House is an apartment which is managed by a lovely guy, Andy. Before arrival, we were already given our code to the apartment. So we were able to enter the apartment without much delayed. Our pre-arranged rented wi-fi device from Andy were also already made available in the apartment. Indeed a great service. Accommodation was simple, 4 single beds next to each other, best option to accommodate all 4 of us.

After a short rest, we head out for our adventure of the day. We started with a walk across the road to explore Hongdae area. Hongdae is near the famous Hongik University, one of the top fine arts college in South Korea, after which the place is named. It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainments.

Our 1st stop – Lunch at Yeolbong Jjimdak (열봉찜닭), a restaurant owned by Se7en. To read more about the restaurant,

After lunch, we explored around the area before heading to our next stop, cafe aA cum aA Design Museum, a unique European-style hangout with a museum and cafe in the 5-storey building which also showcases designed furniture, fashion and art. To read more about our adventure there, head to :

After the enjoyable time @ cafe aA, we went to explore the famous Hongdae Playground. The area is a popular spot for drama filming and have been used in popular drams like The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Mary Stayed Out All Night and A Gentlement’s Dignity. In the evening, this place is filled with street vendors.


Ending our adventure around Hongdae with a quick stop for Ice-Cream… perfect for a super hot summer day…..

Our next adventure, exploring Myeong Dong, one of the busiest places in Seoul, which is also one of the main shopping districts featuring mid-to-high priced retail stores. There are many street vendors selling daily products to clothes as well as korean street snacks in the area. A great place to explore for street snacks and those korean knick-knacks that you can bring home as souvenirs. For those interested in beauty products, the entire place are filled with all the popular korean brands.

We ended the day with a memorable dinner at  Myeongdong Kyoja (명동교자) for their famous handmade Kalguksu (칼국수). Find out more about this fantastic restaurant at :





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