Follow Your Dream @ Seoul – Part 2

When girls are out to have fun… we ensure that we maximize the fun! As some of us in the group is a huge fan of Big Bang and particularly G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong), a trip to G-Dragon’s Pension, Dolce Bita Pension is a must. We were lucky to be able to book the place as we heard that it is pretty popular especially the G-Dragon Fan Club aka VIPs.

The day started with us stopping in Coffee Prince which is located just next to Swan House @ Hongdae. This however is not the original Coffee Prince cafe that was featured in the popular K-Drama drama, 1st Love of the Coffee Prince. This is just a cafe with the same name and similar concept. Perfect place for a simple breakfast!

What I like about this place is the simple yet beautiful set up. For coffee lovers, you get to see the various type of coffee machine / equipment on the 3rd floor of the cafe.

Coffee lover’s heaven!

After the memorable yet simple breakfast, we head out to Seoul Station before heading to the Dongseoul Bus Terminal to take the bus to Ildong Bus Terminal located in Pocheon, a little town in Gyeongido about 1 hour journey from Seoul. This is where Dolce Bita Pension is situated.


Upon arriving in Ildong, we decided to make a pitstop for lunch first before calling Dolce Bita Pension for pick up. After a short walk around the little quiet town, we stop for Sundaeguk (순대국), a Korean dish made from various parts of the pig, also known as pig guts soup. The dish contains pig intestine, liver and bits of pork with blood sausage made from pig’s intestine stuffed with various ingredients as the main ingredients in the dish. Definitely something unique worth trying as long as one can stomach the ingredients served in the dish. We were told to add spice to our taste and rice into the soup.

After our unique lunch, we call Dolce Bita Pension for pick up. The stalls just in front of the stop makes it very convenience for anyone that is interested in grabbing some snacks for your stay at the pension. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we were delighted to see, “Appa”, oh yes! It is G-Dragon’s dad who came and pick us up. What more can any VIP ask for?

Dolce Bita Pension is a luxurious pension that Kwon JiYong, popularly known as G-Dragon bought for his parents. His father, Kwon YoungHwan stay and runs the Pension together with G-Dragon’s dogs, Gaho, Jolie and Maru the cat.


The Pension is a 11 room pension with each room named after Big Bang’s songs that G-Dragon wrote, VIP, Cafe, Heaven, Haru, Blue, Tonight, Love Dust, Love Song, This Love, Butterfly and his own personal room (I understand that when the pension is on Sell Out season, they will sell this room at a very high price), Crayon.

One point to take note, Dolce Bita Pension does not accept guests under the age of 19 years old even if they come with their parents. This is to minimize liability or keep situation in order before it gets crazier.

How to get to Dolce Bita Pension :

  • Get to Dongseoul Bus Terminal – using Seoul Subway, you can get off Gangbyeon Station on Line 2, Exit 4.
  • Buy the ticket to Ildong (일동) which cost only KRW6,600. Get off at the Ildong Bus Terminal.
  • Call Dolce Bita Pension @ 010 8384 8180 and request for the complimentary pick up. Note : Upon making reservation, remember to advise them that you will need pick up from Ildong Station

More information on Dolce Vita Pension :

  • Website :
  • Telephone : +82 010 8384 8180
  • Address : 2-25 Gisan-ri Ildong-Myeong, Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

For our 1 night stay, we booked the VIP room. Our room is a 3-Storey room, with the ground floor where the entrance is located, a small cosy table with the wall of New York City. The classy spiral stairs leads us up to the 2nd floor.

Exterior of our accommodation, VIP Room

Level 1


2nd floor is where the indoor jacuzzi, a big outdoor jacuzzi, kitchen, bathroom and living area is located. Another spiral stairs leads up to 3rd floor.

3rd floor is where the bedroom is located together with 1 toilet. There is only 1 queen size bed available with 2 rocking chair. This room is able to accommodation up to 4 person where tatami will be made available for the remaining 2 person. The 3rd floor is big enough to accommodation comfortably 4 person where 2 person on the queen bed and 2 more on the tatami.

The surrounding of Dolce Bita Pension is beautiful and quiet. We had a memorable and wonderful time exploring the whole pension. We were very fortunately as there were other VIP from other country arriving the same day as us, hence we were able to meet VIP from various country… new friends being made.

Exterior to The Cafe where breakfast is served

@ The Cafe – we were very fortunate as just before our arrival, G-Dragon’s VIP Club had his birthday gathering there, hence the decoration are still around. While exploring The Cafe, “Appa” walked in and we managed to take photo with him

Dinner that night was arranged in a Korean BBQ restaurant nearby as the Pension was fully booked. “Appa” did a great job arranging for a bus to pick and drop all of us up. The best memory of the dinner is where all VIP aka guests of the pension get to eat together instead of the individual BBQ that is usually made available at a price @ Dolce Vita Pension. This of course includes the popular and friendly “Appa Kwon YoungHwan” joining us which makes it more fun and memorable evening! Oh… did I mention that “Appa” used to work in International Hotel Chain hence he could speak very fluent English.



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