PADI House… The place to be!

Residing in Puchong has it many advantages as we are spoiled in choices for dining venue. Setia Walk Puchong alone is filled with varieties of cuisine from average to high end.

Tonight on our weekly dinner out, we headed to PADI House located in Setia Walk Puchong. A cosy 2 floor restaurant, the inviting place offers a good variety of both western to local cuisine.

One of our favourite dish here is actually the Prawn Paste Fried Chicken Wings. Marinated with prawn paste as the main ingredient, 3 sets of chicken wings are deep fried to perfection before it is served in a basket. Perfect for those who wanted something not too heavy or to be shared as appetizer.

From the Main Grill, we opt for Mongolian Lamb Cutlets served with potatoes wedges and mix vegetables. The portions are indeed very generous in comparison with other restaurant that we have been.

From the Wok, we choose the beef fried kuehtiaw. Not too oily, this dish is very flavorful and no side aka chilies are required to compliment the dish.

Of course not to be missed is the Mushroom soup served with a slice of garlic bread for the soup lover 😍

One of the kids favourite drink here would be the Oreo’s Ice Blended. Not too sweet, the drink is a good occasionally reward for them ☺️

Overall, it is a great dining experience with the warm and cosy ambiance in the restaurant. They do served great cakes however, tonight we decided to give that a pass.

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