Han Kyung IL (한경일) is back!

Han Kyung IL (한경일), one of the popular Korean singer back in the early 90’s is back this year with several single albums this year. He has been quiet for several years, so one can imagine how happy I felt when I discover his new singles earlier this year though there are still not many news about him or his single albums out there.

Earlier this month, his new single titled 하얀눈이 내려와 is released. A soft ballad, the voice blended beautifully with the soft melody of the song.

Han Kyung Il

Back early November, he has also released another single titled 50분 (50 Minutes), a song about missing past love

In August this year, he has released 취하면 잊을까, a song about wanting to forget the lost love. Another beautiful and meaningful song that brings out the beauty of his soft voice.

내 삶의 반 (Half Of My Life), is the song that Han Kyung IL (한경일) sang back then that introducing me to this talented singer. Over the years, he has sang many OSTs and produced several albums, however this song remains one of my favorite.

With all these new single releases as well as the OSTs that he has sang recently, I hope that he will release a new album soon. Till then, guess adding all his single releases (a total of 13 songs) will make up the listening playlist for now.


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