Lunch @ Samcheong-Dong Hwa (삼청화)

When one is exploring the many wonderful street in Seoul, you will see that most of the popular streets, i.e Samcheong-Dong (삼청동), Myeong-dong (명동), Garuso-Gil, are overloaded with amazing and create cafes. At times, it is harder to find a decent authentic Korean Restaurant. When we make a trip to Korea for a getaway, one of the must try would be authentic Korean food.

In one of our trip, while exploring the street of Samcheong-Dong (삼청동), we came across Samcheong-Dong Hwa (삼청화), a little cosy Korean Restaurant located in the little street of Sogyeok-dong (소격동).

Tucked away in the back alley, Samcheong-Dong Hwa (삼청화) offers authentic Korean Cuisine resembling what they call “Mother’s Meal”.

As we step into the cosy little Restaurant, we were greeted by the super friendly crew. Knowing that we were non-korean, they could converse in a basic good english, making communication in ordering so much easier.

Our Korean Meal was indeed satisfying. Authentic and delicious, we are able to relay now why earlier we saw so many satisfied customer walking out of the lane, which leads to the discover of Samcheong-Dong Hwa (삼청화). Indeed a must try restaurant for those whom are looking for authentic Korean food while in the Samcheong-Dong (삼청동) area.

How to get to Samcheong-Dong Hwa (삼청화) :

  • Address : Seoul Jongno-gu Sogyeok-dong 112 (서울시 종로구 소격동 112)
  • Telephone : +82 2-733-8273


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