Follow Your Dream @ Seoul – Part 5 (Final)

This final part that summaries our Girl’s Summer Vacation @ Seoul, Korea. Great memories with lots of interesting places as well as cuisine that we managed to explore in the short few days spend together.

Day 5 started with us taking the subway to Garosu-gil, where we took Exit #8 after getting down in Sinsa Station on Subway Line 3. After 15 minutes walk, we found ourselves in a street with unique cultural tastes and artistic sensibilities.

Adorn with ginkgo treets, the area located in Sinsa-dong area is filled with stores run by designers and artists. The array of open studios, ateliers, cafes, restaurants, bars, fashion shops and prop shops blend together for a chic cityscape.

Our first stop is at Coffee Smith, a popular coffee chain store in Korea where we met up with my korean friend. This coffee chain were featured in the popular 2014 K-Drama, It’s Ok That’s Love starred by Jo In-Sung and Gong Hyo-Jin.

A further walk down Garosu-gil, we came across a lovely local korean artist Art Villa, Youk Shim Won. The huge and beautiful caption on the window caught my attention. After going through the stuff in the Art Villa, I feel in love with the products almost immediately. To add to the excitement, we later discover that this is the filming location for “Ellie Kim starred by Jang Na-Ra” studio.

Youk Shim Won is actually a very famous and talented Korean painter whom is known all over Asia and US. Her Art Villa located in Garosu-gil house her home studio, shop and art gallery. And recently several months ago, she open a cafe in the same Art Villa. A must visit for lovers of her beautiful characters that she creates.

For those fans of Fated to Love You K-Drama and want to visit “Ellie Kim’s studio”, the address are as below :

  • Address : 546-9 Sinsa-dong (66 Nonhyeon-ro 159-gil)
    Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Directions : When you get off Sinsa exit 8 go straight and turn left to Garosugil. After you walk around 7 minutes it’s 5th street on the right side, and second building

After a wonderful lunch in a lovely cafe, we continued our exploration around the area, checking out the many unique cafes and shops before we split into 2 groups where 1 of the group went off to their event for the day, YG Concert while I continued my korean cultural adventure with my korean friend.

We head to Insadong, which is located in the heart of the city, an important cultural area where old and traditions remains with galleries, traditional restaurants, traditional tea-houses and cafes. We were very lucky to be able to see Korean Cultural Show on the street!

The street of Insadong

The cultural show on the street

As it was a hot summer afternoon, we took a break and enjoyed some traditional korean tea and bingsu (frozen summer fruits cut into cubes and served on shaved ice) in a traditional tea-house located in one of the small lane in Insadong.

During the tea-break, my korean friend found out that Youk Shim Won is holding her 11th solo exhibition “Smile with Healing” in Samcheong-dong. So we head to Samcheong-dong next. And upon arrival, we found out that this is where the exhibition of the paintings in Fated to Love You K-Drama was filmed. OMG! Excitement to be able to see those painting…

We ended our day with Bibap show that was running in Jongno-gu, Cine Core Building. Bibap is a nonverbal theater performance based on Korean representative dish where the crew mimic the sound of making bibimbap with beat-boxing and cappela, demonstrations of motions of b-boying and acrobatics as well as martial art. A truly entertaining show for both of us.



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