Magnificent View @ The Peace Park (平和公園)

The Peace Park (平和公園) of Hakone located within the Gotemba City offers another location where one can capture the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. Located on the mountainside of the outer rim of Hakone crater, Peace Park (平和公園) also serve as one of the golden spots in sightseeing in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The symbol of the park, The Stupa house Buddha’s ashes presented by late Indian Prime Minister Nehru. There is also a Buddha’s Relics inside. Surrounding it is seven pairs of stone lions that came from seven different places : India, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong & Taiwan, there to defend the Buddha’s Relics.

The park also house pond circuit-style Japanese Garden, a Buddhist Monastery of Nihonzan-Myoho-ji Temple, images of Deity of Mercy ‘Nade Kannon’ and 33 Kannon images are that worth exploring. There is also a bell tower.

Buddhist Monastery of Nihonzan-Myoho-ji Temple

Other beautiful places worth exploring

And should you are able to be there during the evening even in winter, one might just be able to see a beautiful sunset @ Peace Park (平和公園)


How to Get There :

Peace Park (平和公園) is accessible by taking Hakone Tozan bus going towards Senghokuhara Gotemba Line, Gotemba JR Station. One need to get off at Peace Park (平和公園) .



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