Winter Wonderland @ Hoshino Resorts Tomamu – Part 2

Day 2 started with a wonderful breakfast in Nininupuri, a unique restaurant providing a forest-like feeling. This is because the restaurant is surrounded by trees in a middle of a forest up the hill from the The Tower, where we stayed.

After breakfast, while walking back from Nininupuri, the kids took a pit stop and played in the snow… it was such as wonderful experience for them. And to add to the experience, it started snowing as well….

Our next stop is to GAO Outdoor Center, where leisure winter activities were available. Unfortunately for us, as it is early winter, there were not enough snow to have all activities available. So we only tried Snowmobiling through the Plain.

A memorable experience, we were thought how to drive the snowmobile by the friendly and experience guide. The guide leads us through the 3-km course that we choose (that was the only available option as there were not enough snow to cover the 6-km and 10-km route) within the area providing us with a truly exhilarating experience gliding across the pure white fields of snow while enjoying the beautiful serene surrounding.

Working out an appetite, we head back to The Tower where we grab burgers from Hokkaido Kobo, located in Foresta Mall and enjoy them in the comfort of our room. Not to be missed is the yummy and creamy Hokkaido Ice-Cream which were also available from Hokkaido Kobo.

Not getting enough of the trilling experience, we head back to GAO Outdoor Center again for more fun and laughter cruising down and walking up the snowy slope with the provided equipment made available on complimentary (first come first serve basis).

We head back for buffet dinner in Nininupuri where extensive range for Asian and Western dishes were made available.

The day ended with a walk to check out Chapel On the Water (水の教会), one of the work of the famous Architect Tadao Ando. He is famous for his work basing on their wealth in building the relationship with nature. The uniqueness of this chapel is where the front wall of the chapel which usually have pictures of certain divine religious significance, is replaced with a more vivid and eloquent representation of the Creator, the nature itself. Providing a live scene, multicolored and ever changing view based on the season, this is an ideal place for those whom are interested in holding a wedding within a nature and serene surrounding itself.

For more information on this beautiful Chapel on the Water, check out these sites :

水の教会 (Japanese Language Only)

水の教会 (English Site)

Our memorable stay @ Hoshino Resorts Tomamu ended the following day after a good Japanese breakfast in Mikaku where we took the shuttle back to Tomamu Station before taking the train heading to our next stop.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, The Tower Lobby

Cafe Lounge and play-area located in The Tower @ Hoshino Resorts Tomamu


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