Checking out Mini Mini Cafe

Cafe owners are getting more and more creative especially in quest to capture the heart of the younger generation 😀. Heard and seen so much posting on friends whom have visited the latest trendy cafe, Mini Mini Cafe that is located in Midvalley Mega Mall.

While running errands recently there, decided to check out the interesting Mini Mini Cafe.

Upon arriving at the cafe, we immediately realized why the cafe is so popular now. With an interesting concept where anime are use to decorate the place, each table that had displays on them are unique. One definitely cannot find any table with the same display. A closer look can see how much detail to attention that has been put into each and every corner of the cafe that has been spread out into 4 sections which is very interesting.

We decided to grab our lunch and check out their special promotion where you can choose your preferred main course from the featured 2 dishes for the day. And this served with a glass of soft drink at only RM9.90 …. Definitely a rare find pricing especially in a mall apart from food court.

We decided to take one of each to try out hence we ordered the mushroom pizza meal (waiting time involve as they are made fresh 😃) and their Nasi Lemak served with ‘Rempah’ fried chicken. Our verdict ….. 👍 especially the sambal 😍

Not a fan of soft drinks, we took up their offer to upgrade our drinks to drinks of our choice from their menu at only an additional charge of RM6 which is indeed a good bargain. Our drinks, Berries tea and Fredo Caffe Latte was a good choice as we both loved it.


Being our normal self of greediness ☺️, we decided to add side orders of sweet potato fries and onion rings. Another excellent choice indeed 😍

Overall we truly enjoyed our 1st experience in Mini Mini Cafe where the friendly and helpful associates adds extra points. Definitely a recommended place to check out either for a casual friends meet up, family time or a quick lunch break with colleagues.

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