My first Big Bang Dome Tour Experience 

Being a music lover, I enjoyed concerts and musical shows a lot to the extend I would fly to the particular destination where an interesting musical or concert is happening.
I was convienced by my girlfriends late last year when Big Bang launched their new Korean full album titled MADE to join them when they attend MADE World Tour 2015-2016 in Japan. After several discussion, we finally choose to fly to Osaka for the concert scheduled in January 2016.

On the scheduled day, we took the subway from to Dome-Mae where we got off from the exit heading towards Kyocera Dome Osaka.  

It was truly a trilling experience as from all the international concerts I have been, the crowd here were amazingly huge and yet these people were very polite and patience. Everyone take their turn walking towards the concert venue and there were no rush nor anyone pushing. And of course, they were very law abiding hence when organizer set the regulation of no cameras or video recordings allowed, most people abides to it.

It is amazing to see fans drones in various Big Bang various t-shirts, sweaters and accessories in all ages both young and old. This just proves that they have fans based from all group age from various destinations. 

The concert started on time at 3 pm. Because most of the crowd were Japanese and this is a concert in Japan, Big Bang sang mostly on Japanese while churning their new MADE albums songs in Korean.

What amazed me is the fans as once the lights were switched off in Kyocera Dome before the start of the concert, the entire place were immediately light up almost immediate with Big Bang light-sticks. Indeed a beautiful sight. I must say that 99.5% of the people in Kyocera Dome that night had at least 1 light-stick. A note to myself for any future Big Bang concert should I have the opportunity to attend again, MUST get the light-stick as well.

2 of the most popular version of the Big Bang light stick used during the concert

SeungRi also fondly known in Japan as V.I is one of the member of the Big Bang group whom are able to communicate fluently in Japanese is the MC for the night too. Playful and entertaining, I must say he is very talented in this area 😍

Another new discovery for an almost new Big Bang fan like me, DaeSung, fondly known as DLite in Japan, is very talented in playing the drum. So when he took on the stage playing the drum, I was totally blown away…. he looked so cool playing the drum. For DaeSung / DLite fans out there…. here is a video that I found on youtube recorded during the start of the MADE World Tour 2015-2016 : DaeSung Playing Drum – SOBER

My favourite part of the concert was during the encore where they sang my favourite Japanese song titled Korwokikasete (声をきかせて) while the 5 talented members of the group splitted into 2 groups with each group standing and performing on top of a brightly lighted truck that moved around the Dome giving their enthusiastic fans around the area the opportunity to see them closer and those lucky ones receiving gifts that were thrown to them by individual members of BIG BANG.

Here, sharing the link from YouTube on Korwokikasete (声をきかせて)

Overall, I truly enjoyed the concert and should opportunity arises in the near future, where possible, I would definitely do this again 😉

Krunk Bears – one of the concert merchandising available
Fans wearing t-shirt representing  G-Dragon

For those Big Bang fans whom would be visiting Osaka, Muse Umekita is currently running a special promotion featuring burgers and sandwiches in conjunction with the MADE Worldtour in Kyocera Dome Osaka (the concert ended in January 11, 2015). A must visit for Big Bang VIPs 😍 

Note: Promotion valid till January 17, 2016 only

Website for more information : Big Bang @ Muse Umekita


4 thoughts on “My first Big Bang Dome Tour Experience 

  1. I’m glade you enjoyed the concert as much as I do. They are amazing, aren’t they. Looking forward to read more of your BigBang experience in the future. 😋💕

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