Exploring Historical Village of Hokkaido (開拓の村)

Apart from exploring UNESCO Heritage sites, part of my travel is also to learn and understand the history of the particular region / country that I am visiting. Therefore, when visiting Sapporo, one not to be missed is the Historical Village of Hokkaido (開拓の村, Kaitaku no Mura). Historical Village of Hokkaido (開拓の村) is an open … More Exploring Historical Village of Hokkaido (開拓の村)

Japanese rice bowl

With a fussy eater at home, when I plan my cooking for the day, I usually have to come up with creative ways of hiding the ingredients that they don’t like to eat just to ensure that they have a balance and nutritious meal. Japanese rice bowl, ‘gyudon’ also known as Japanese Beef Rice Bowl … More Japanese rice bowl