Fantastic Japanese Cuisine @ Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar

A fan of Japanese Cuisine, when a new Restaurant open around the area, one will definitely head there to check them out!

Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar, a Japanese Restaurant featuring a rotary sushi bar where fresh sushi items is brought to the table by the refrigerated conveyor belt system (1st in Malaysia) has recently opened its door in Puchong. Located in Bandar Puchong Jaya, this comfy restaurant is located on level 1. However, it is not hard to find as huge sign are visible from the road.

Stepping into the restaurant, one will be greeted by friendly and helpful associate of the restaurant. As we were early that day, we were given a choice to choose where we wanted to be seated, so we took the opportunity to sit next to the conveyor belt (which will give us access to freshly made sushi).

The one thing that immediately caught my attention is how each type of sushi on the conveyor belt are actually labeled which in my opinion, gives the customer the opportunity to know the name of the dish that they have selected.

Some of the fresh sushi from the Rotary Sushi Bar aka Conveyor Belt

As we were there on a weekday, the special set lunch menu were available. Hence, we decided to give that a try and ordered Soba with Assorted Sushi set. Indeed a great choice as the set offers a bowl of Soba and 6 pieces of assorted of sushi, which is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy a hot bowl of soba while sampling some freshly made sushi. What more can one ask for?

As for the side orders, one not to missed for us is the Gyoza which were cooked to perfection.


Our first experience in Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar ended were indeed memorable, thanks to the wonderful services from the very attentive and friendly staff.

With that experience in mind, several days later, over the weekend, I brought my family over for lunch. For this experience, we ordered the set meal from the menu (as the promotional lunch menu is only available on weekday).

The Sashimi set, fresh sashimi were served on the ice (preserving the freshness of the sashimi). One of the freshest sashimi I ever had in Malaysia (comparable with those served in the Japanese Restaurant in Japan), is highly commendable.

Another impressive experience as each set that we ordered, we were truly impressed with both the serving portion and freshness of the food served. This in addition to the service standard that was well maintained despite the restaurant being packed.

Overall, I have truly enjoyed both of the experience in the restaurant. This restaurant has now been added into one of our family favorite dining option. A restaurant perfect for the family / friends get-together, should you are looking for a recommendable dining around in Puchong area, do head down there soon and experience what I have been raving about.


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