Morning adventure @ Ago Bay (英虞湾)

Ago Bay (英虞湾, Agowan), a part of the Ise-Shima region, is a scenic, island dotted bay with a rugged coastline that is located in the city of Shima, Mie Prefecture.

Known for its beauty and pearl culture, there is more than 50 islands of varying size floating in the bay, an impressive view especially in the evening with the reflections on the sea surface.

Among all the islands, only Kashiko-jima and Mazaki-jima are inhabited while the others are uninhabited islands.

Our journey started from Nagoya in the morning where we took the Kintetsu Train to Kashikojima, the main transport hub and departure point of the sightseeing cruises which is also one of the largest island in Ago Bay. The entire journey took approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes. From the station, we walked to the boat piers, a walk of about 5 minutes.

Here, we took an excursion around the bay on Kashikojima Espana Cruise, a 50-minute cruise starting at the Kashikojima Port that cycle the bar, stop for a short visit to the pearl factory before returning to the port. The admission for the sightseeing cruise cost about 1,500 yen. A truly memorable experience.

The visit to the Pearl Factory during the excursion

All around the Bay

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