C-Novel Review : Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事)

During my early days of reading translated C-Novel, I was recommended to Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事) a beautiful novel by Xuan Yin (玄隐). I loved this novel so much to the extend I re-read the entire novel 8 times in the duration of 6 months.

This beautiful and touching novel have been made into C-Drama series where Godfrey Gao (高以翔), a popular Taiwanese-Canadian actor acted as Li Chuan (沥川). Unfortunately, till today, the drama never got aired apart from the trailer that was made available on YouTube. For those who are interested in the trailer, you may view them here : Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川-Official Trailer, Godfrey Gao & Jiao Junyan / Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川 Trailer #1 (2013) -Godfrey Gao, Jiao Junyan / 【HD Trailer】《遇见王沥川》片花《沥川往事》 Remembering Lichuan 高以翔,焦俊艳

Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事) a beautiful novel by Xuan Yin (玄隐) is a story of  Li Chuan, a rich and handsome guy with one imperfection who met Xiao Qiu, a country girl that was thrown into the big city. The love story between the two was a bittersweet one as they attempted to overcome the harsh realities of what life has to offer. This leads to their separation for six years before they meet again. While their love remains, the six years of emptiness and without explaination that Xiao Qiu had to ensure has changes everything.

Below is the Synopsis that was written on the blog written by Lil’ Bliss : Introduction to Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事) – Xuan Yin (玄隐)

There is a type of love that is meant to be separated.

Six years ago, her boyfriend Li Chuan left without a farewell. Since then, Xiao Qiu has continuously been a prisoner of love. She could not understand how such a strong romance could just fall through over night.

The mystery of Li Chuan leaving Xiao Qiu gnawed at Xiao Qiu’s heart. When they met again by chance, Xiao Qiu hesitated between advancing and retreating. Facing the restrained emotions of such a high quality man, Xiao Qiu suddenly understood that happiness has never been easily obtainable. Flaws and perfections are always shadows accompanying the other.

Xiao Tong said, “Only he will give a really high tip every time. So we are always willing to serve him. As soon we see him coming, as long as we can get away, we will normally take the initiative to go over and ask him what he wants and then bring the coffee over to him.”

“Why? Doesn’t everyone line up to buy coffee here?”

“It’s not too convenient for his leg.”

“Oh.” It was only then that I noticed the black cane hanging on the side of his table. Yet, his entire body appeared to be the same as anyone else’s.

“How is it not convenient?” I continued asking.

“It’s not that it’s that much of an inconvenience, it’s merely his right leg has a slight limp, that’s all.”

“Maybe it’s just a temporary injury.” I said.

“It’s not. His car parks in the handicapped spot. A BMW SUV.”

“It doesn’t matter, you aren’t the first to spill coffee on him. Don’t worry. We won’t tell the boss. But, next time you must stay calm when you see a beautiful man.” Then he leaned down to my ear, half jokingly said, “A word of advice, whether you want to listen or not: Don’t waste time on him by all means. He never glances at a girl more than once.”

So, don’t wait… head over to Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事) – Xuan Yin (玄隐) Novel Translation and read this highly recommended translated C-Novel. In the meantime, I shall not give up hope that one day, the drama Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) will be aired.

5 thoughts on “C-Novel Review : Li Chuan’s Past (沥川往事)

    1. Tell me about it… Really pray and hope that the drama get aired and we get to see Godfrey Gao as Li Chuan… I actually have been watching the trailer over and over again every time I re-read the novel 😉


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