Exotic Japanese Cuisine Experience : Fugu (フグ)

Back in 2013, “Washoku”, Traditional Japanese Cuisine was added into UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. With that, “Torafugu”, Tiger Puffer Fish, a unique and exotic Japanese food has become one of the traditional cuisine.

Although there are many varieties of Fugu (フグ), the Japanese name for Puffer Fish, “Torafugu”, Tiger Puffer also commonly known as Globe Fish, is recognized as the highest grade and is one of the most popular type in Japan.


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Torafugu, is very rich in collagen and protein with less fat and calories in comparison with other fishes which makes it a perfect fish for general good health and beauty.

Although the nutrient is very valuable from this fish, one can potentially die from fugu poisoning should it is not prepared correctly as it is also known as a poisonous fish. Therefore, the Japanese Government standardized the examination for licensed Fugu Cooks in 1949. Today, only licensed Fugu Cooks are allowed to sell, served and prepare these unique and exotic culinary delight.

During my recent trip to Osaka, we decided to personally experience this exclaimed dish. We head over to Zuboraya located in Dotonbori for Fugu Dinner. The details of the restaurant as below :

Our meal that night started with thinly sliced puffer fish served as sashimi. Also known as “Tessa”, using the Usuzukuri (うすづくり) technique, fugu is cut into translucent slices using knives with super think blades. Definitely special skills would be required here!


One of the adventurous one among our group decided to order a special delicacy (to some is would be one of the strangest food), Shirako (白子), male sperm sacs that is equivalent of caviar. How does it taste? Creamy like taste… Ok, I have tasted it once and I think I will give this a pass the next time round


What is best to have during winter? Of course it would be Nabemono (なべ物),  also known as Japanese Hot Pot. So Fugu Nabe is definitely a dish not to be missed.

Of course for the non-fish lovers, the restaurant also offers Wagyu Shabu-Shabu set (和牛 しゃぶしゃぶセット).

And for the bony part of the Torafugu that is filled with meat that is difficult to cut, it is best eaten deep fried,  Karaage (唐揚).


And for the light eaters, Fugu Soba is also available


Need a light salad…. try out their salad.. fresh and yummy!

And lastly, whats best to go with this memorable meal? Of course we cannot missed out the Sake.



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