Lunching @ Kiss Burger, Desa Park City

There seems to be a burger craze in town….. Remember the popular Rice Burger by MOS Burger? There have been talks and rave about the new burger joint that has recently open in Desa Park City.

The raving has got me and my “partner-in-crime” to head down to Desa Park City to check out Kiss Burger, the newest baby of the Kissaten Group. Serving Japanese-influenced creations, this casual burger joint is now available at :

Kissburger by Kissaten
Ground Floor, The Waterfront, Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6279 9823
Social Media Site: Kiss Burger Facebook

We arrived early, hence we took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and serene greens…


Our first impression of Kiss Burger…. located near the waterfront, the joint is a perfect place for families with its beautiful mural of Mount Fuji that is colorful and cheerful giving off the happy and friendly vibes.


As we are lovers of the Japanese Rice Burger, we ordered the Saba Fish Rice Burger. Perfectly grilled mackerel, the juicy burger that comes with a generous mushroom topping is a nice change from the normal burger bun. Suitable for the light eater with its petite size.


Tsukune Mushroom burger is served in a toasty rice burger is a flavorful burger that is topped with lots of mushroom. Perfect for the mushroom lovers.


Heard of Brinjal fries anyone? Kiss Burger served these yummy little golden brown treats that is crispy and not too soggy or oily @ only RM5 per serving. A must try for Brinjal lovers!


Taking pride in their home-made sauce – garlic sauce and wasabi sauce, these sauces are made available self-service together with the premium chili sauce and ketchup.


We had truly enjoyed our burger experience @ Kiss Burger. We will definitely be back to explore the other yummy burgers available on their menu.

6 thoughts on “Lunching @ Kiss Burger, Desa Park City

    1. Hi Sutekii, they are very nice. Hard to get by here in Malaysia especially when MOS burger is no longer available. So I try to have them when I go to Japan. Now with Kiss Burger available, we still have that as an option 😉 try them if it’s available in your place


      1. Yes please do. There are lots of nice yummy food in Japan you should explore when you visit Japan next with your family. One of my favourite holiday destination 😉


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