Cherry Blossom 😍 

An additional post for today as I could not wait to share this 😍

The feeling of excitement when you least expected it is simply awesome! Today, decided to go back to check out Osaka Castle again as the area is big and we have not been able to cover them all. So, as we were walking down the road towards the Castle today (we took another train hence it was a different route that we took today), can’t avoid the little sadness feeling when we see the barren trees along the way. 

As we turning around the corner into Aoyamon Gate, we saw a sign that says: Plum Garden on our right. Then we saw the beautiful sight! Though it is not full bloom yet, the beautiful sight of the rows of trees filled with beautiful Cherry Blossoms are pure happiness to us 😍

What are we waiting for? Head into the Garden of course…. Trees and trees of beautiful flowers 😍😍😍


There were hundreds of different type of species available here. 

Today was a windy day. These however does not differs the photo enthusiastic as we saw many people from all age group (including senior citizens) holding their camera and snapping photos.

 A truly memorable experience, we ended up spending over 2 hours in this small area before we head of to the original desired destination, Osaka Castle 😉

So if you happens to be in the area, don’t miss out this beautiful sight. Head over to Osaka Castle and see with your own eyes the beauty of nature. 


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