Cafe Review : JEQ in The House

After being away for 1 week, the one thing that I missed is the daily update and chat that I do with my best friend. So, after arriving home over the weekend, we decided to catch up while checking out one of the highly recommended cafe that we heard good review about.

So, on Monday, we head over to JEQ in The House which is located in SS17, Petaling Jaya. The address is as below :

JEQ In The House
No. 19, Jalan 17/45 (same row as Kanna Curry House)
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7932 2261
Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 10:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

We arrived early hence, we were very lucky to have found a good parking spot which is located not far from the cafe. We were impressed with how cosy the cafe look from the outside. The bicycle display added a lovely touch to the exterior of the cafe. I must say that I love the writing on the blackboard outside as well.

We were there right almost immediately after their opening hour, hence the place is still quiet and empty. We were greeted by a friendly associate whom immediately brought us to a table of our choice. The interior of the cafe are cosy and simple.

Being a coffee lover, I must have coffee so I ordered Love Latte while my best friend ordered Acai Berry Tea. The latte was awesome which indicate that they use good quality coffee beans.

Not having our breakfast yet, we decided to try out their breakfast menu where we ordered Volcano Egg and Egg Benedict.

Volcano Egg is baked egg white (meringue minus the sugar) in the oven with ham and cheese on the top. The egg yolk placed on the baked egg white is runny, therefore, when you cut it, the yolk looks similar to the running lava down the volcano (hence the name of the dish). This dish is accompanied by a generous portion of salad and mushroom served on a toast.


Our Egg Benedict comes with a perfectly poached egg served with ham and toasted bread topped with hollandaise sauce and balsamic vinaigrette. Indeed the perfect choice of breakfast!


Being greedy, we decided to order JEQ Special Grilled Chicken Salad to share between us.  Tasty salad served with grilled chicken, oranges, tomatoes and cashew nuts topped with honey mustard sauce. The grilled chicken breast were grilled to perfection and is juicy and moist. Perfect choice for those whom wishes for a light dish.


We heard that their cakes are freshly baked in house, hence for cafe lover like us, a slice or two of the delicious cakes is a must to end our brunch catch up session. A quick look at what was on the display counter, we decided to go for their highly acclaimed Tiramisu Cake (Alcoholic) and Lemon Poppy Cake (Non-Alcoholic). A nice touch was added to each of the cake when it was presented to us! Indeed the perfect way to end our 1st experience here @ JEQ  in the House.


The beautiful display @ JEQ in the House




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