C-Novel Review : Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净)

One of the C-Novel that I truly enjoyed from the early days when I got addicted to C-Novel is a funny and entertaining Boss-Employee novels written by 妃姑娘 titled, Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净).

Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净) is a story of Xia Ye whom during her job interview, accidentally approached a brilliant looking man and told him not to work for the company because the CEO is rumored to be a gay. To her credit, the guy turns out to be the “Gay” CEO whom she ended up working for.

With almost everyone against her, poor Xia Ye is constantly teased by Lu Jun who will actually do almost everything that Xia Ye request him to do, washing the dishes etc… As much as Lu Jun is a black belly, but he is never nasty nor mean to Xia Ye while Xia Ye is really silly and slow most of the time especially when it comes to how Lu Jun had been hinting to her about how he felt about her. The part where they went for the trip to Guilin was extremely funny and entertaining especially when they pretended to be newlywed just like the other couple they met. Lu Jun took the opportunity then to act “full set” with Xia Ye while the silly girl could not even catch the hint and intention behind the whole thing. A real cute and funny couple indeed.

This novel is so entertaining to the extend, I love the interactions between Xia Ye and Xiao Qian (Lu Jun’s younger brother) especially the part during the Zoo visit.

Here is the synopsis taken from  Shushengbar – Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净) written by Peanuts when she introduced this wonderful novel.

I: “General manager, I only said I will cook but did not agree to wash the dishes.”
He: “If you don’t wash the dishes, do you expect me to wash them?”
I: “Do you know a woman is most attracted to a man who can do housework? Especially when he is wearing an apron and washing the dishes. This is the ideal image of a good man in the thinking of a majority of the women. In order to create the prefect image of a good man, I feel it is necessary for you to wash the dishes.”
He: “A man who washes the dishes is really very attractive?”
I: “Really!”
He: “Well, I will believe you this once.”
He: “Xia Ye, come into the kitchen.”
I: “Do you need me to help you with something?”
He: “Just stand there and don’t move.”
I: “…..?”
I: “If there is nothing I can help you with, I’ll go out.”
He: “Standstill!”
I: “You asked me to come in, just to….. watch you wash the dishes?”
Me: “If you don’t watch, what is the point of me washing the dishes?”
I: “…..”

He is distressed: “I fell in love with a person, but I do not know how to say to her.”
I suggested: “This is simple! Directly tell her I love you, should be all right?”
He is worried: “But …… I’m worried that she will not accept me.”
I comforted: “How can since you are such an outstanding man? There must be something wrong with her brain if she doesn’t accept you!”
He nodded: “Well, I love you!”
I: “…… Huh, there is something wrong with my brain ……”
He: “……”

A good and short read with only a total of 45 chapters. So head over to Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净) – English Translation and ENJOY!

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Wipe Clean After Eating Ending


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