My Prince of Ballad : Tim (팀)

An avid music lover, I used to watched all sort of music show that are available. I particularly are more fond of ballads with soft melodies which in most time, I find very calming and soothing.

I started my craze for K-Pop very much earlier before K-Pop became a huge hit worldwide and even in my country. It all started with my first trip to Seoul back in 2001 where I heard Shin Seung Hun (신승훈) – Christmas Miracle for the first time while walking the street in Dongdaemun (동대문), Seoul. I felt in love with the voice singing the song and the beautiful Christmas Song that he was singing which leads to me setting out to search for his album since I am already there. This subsequently leads to me following the K-Pop closely.

Through the weekly Pop In Seoul that was aired on Arirang Channel, in 2003, I was introduced to a new debuting ballad singer, Tim Hwang, a Korean American K-Pop Singer whom is best known by his stage name, Tim (팀). His debuting song, I Love You (사랑합니다), caught my attention immediately. A soft ballad that brings out the best of his voice and image, I Love You (사랑합니다) was written by one of the top songwriters in Korea, Yoon Sang whom was also mentor to Tim whom helped creating his musical style. Till today, I Love You (사랑합니다) remains my favourite song from the list of songs sang by Tim (팀).

Following the success of his  Volume 1 – First 영민 (First TIM), in 2004, he released his Volume 2 titled : Second Breath which mirror the success of his album. My favourite song from this album is 고마웠다고…(I Was Thankful).

With a gap of 2 years, in 2006, Tim (팀) then released his 3rd album titled : TIM 감성 … (Feeling) which featured many beautiful songs. It is in this album that I felt in love further with his beautiful voice when I listen to him singing my favourite song, We are the Reason

Unfortunately, when Tim (팀) 4th album titled Love Is, was released, I missed it (till today I still wonder how I could missed it) which resulted me not being able to get a hold of the physical album. Thank goodness that there is a digital version available which enable me in continuing to enjoy his beautiful voice especially the meaningful song, Serendipity (the video as below). In this same album, Tim (팀) collaboration with a famous pianist, Yiruma with the song River Flows In You is a true testament on Tim (팀) recognition in the entertainment market by the senior entertainers.

After going hiatus for almost 3 years, Tim (팀) came back with his 5th album titled New Beginnings where the popular 남자답지 못한 말 (Unnecessary Words) was featured.

A year later, he released a single titled : A Long Day. Another lovely song that took my heart away.

Then in 2012, Tim (팀) gained popularity in the Indonesian market through his Korean – Indonesian TV Series titled : Saranghae, I Love You with Revalina S. Temat (A popular Indonesian Artist). It was so unfortunately that I never got to watch this acclaimed touching drama as it never got aired here in my country.

With the new gained popularity, Tim (팀) proceed with releasing his 6th album, Saranghae (in both Indonesia & Malaysia). It is also the same year that I finally got to meet Tim (팀) in person when he performed in Malaysia after his show in Singapore. It was indeed a dream come true to a fan like me whom have followed his music career closely since his debut.

Tim (팀) then starred in Legally Blonde, a musical with Jessica in Seoul. Unfortunately, due to work commitment back then, I was not able to make it to the musical.

In 2014, I was once again privileged enough to be able to meet Tim (팀) in person again when I flew to Seoul to watch his musical, Rudolph. We took the “red eye” flight which arrives in Seoul early morning on the day we were due to watch the musical. Though tiring for us, we truly enjoyed his performance that day. What makes it more memorable was the chance to meet him in person after the performance, thanks to his friendly mother whom we co-incidentally met during the musical (she was seated only 2 seats away from us and came to introduce herself after hearing us communicating in English which indicate to her that we were Tim’s International Fan). A truly outstanding performer, I definitely fell in love all over again with his beautiful voice live on stage. A truly talented performer.

Throughout the years in the industry, Tim (팀) has also sang several popular K-Drama OST. One of the post popular one would be 안되니 (Can’t Be Me)  in the popular drama, 49 Days.

I have been asked by many friends, what’s in Tim (팀) that attracts me to follow his music for so many years? How time flies when I suddenly realized that this year marks the 13th year since his debut back in 2003. For anyone whom have not heard his voice before may never understand me, but to those friends whom had made the effort to join me in some of the show that I have been i.e, Rudolph Musical and his showcase in Hard Rock Cafe in Malaysia in 2012, they have finally realized what a beautiful and soothing voice of Tim (팀). Am sure that after you listen to some of the video that I have shared in this post would agree as well.

And I will remain a fan of Tim (팀) while anticipating the release of his new work soon.

Let me end this with another beautiful song by Tim (팀). Enjoy!

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