Mystical Jeju : Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성)

There are many beautiful places to explore in Jeju Island. One of the highly recommendable places of interest to visit when one is visiting the mystical island of Jeju would be Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성).

Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) is South Korea’s first registered museum exclusively for glass with a reasonably sized Glass Theme Park. Established in 2008, Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) is a reflections of the gift of nature and the clean environment that the mystical island of Jeju has to offer.

Locate within the Hangyeong-myeon area, there are many ways to get to Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성):

by Driving:-

  • Address : 462, Nokchabunjae-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-governing Province
  • Telephone : +82+64+772-7777 / Navigation Code (772-7777)

Bus (Public Transportation)

Bus No 755 – Take the bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at O’Sulloc Stop (4th stop from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. And take a short walk from the bus stop.

Bus No 967 – Take the bus from Hallim-2-ri Stop and get off at Jeju Glass Castle Stop (9th stop)

Admission to Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성):

  • Admission Fee : Adults @ ₩11,000 / Adolescent (Middle / High School Students) @ ₩9,000 / Children (36 months – Elementary School Student) @ ₩8,000
  • Opening Hours : 0900 to 1900 hrs (Last entry @ 1800 hrs)
  • Parking Rates : Complimentary within the compound

Website :  Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) Official Website

Pre-booked the Entrance Tickets to Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) in advance from would also be a great idea.

For our exploration in Jeju, we decided to hire a designated taxi driver for the entire day to drive us around. So we were privilege to had been chauffeured to each destination while our friendly taxi driver waiting for us when we explore the place. This works out perfectly well for us 4 ladies as we save time on travelling on public transportation.

Upon entering into the indoor section of Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성), one will be greeted by a huge and beautiful Jack & The Beanstalk.

The famous “Grandfather Stone” of Jeju is also available in the Glass version here in the Indoor section of  Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성).


A beautiful sight, I simple loved the Glass Town display……


While in the outdoor session, the beautiful Glass Wall of Fish which in our Chinese belief, brings a very good “Feng Sui” to the place especially with the running water.


A walk in the outdoor section of  Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성):, one will come to the beautiful Jewelry Falls with beautiful and detailed glass cut in various shape and colors, bringing the beautiful and harmonious colors.

There are many beautiful sights as one walks around the outdoor park of  Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성).

Not to mentioned the excitement of a music lover like me when I see the beautifully crafted musical instruments.

Even the toilet here in  Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) is very unique…

Tired and needed a break? Rest be assured…. there is a lovely coffee shop available for those who wishes to take a short break

Glass Art from Czech are also available for viewing


Glass Bridge….

Beautiful Glass Work from Italy

Jeju Specialty… Jeju Oranges (Glass version)

Many beautiful explorations indeed….

There are many activities available at a price here in  Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) in their Experience Hall which is located on the 2nd floor of the Glass Castle Main Building. For more information, head over here: Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) – Experience Hall

Ending our exploration with 2 cute figurine saying goodbye to us. Now off we go to our next exploration.

Check out our afternoon exploration to Hallim Park (한림공원)

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