Memories @ Huck’s Cafe

Ask me for recommendation of the best restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and my answer would definitely be: “Fancy for a good home cooked with passion Mediterranean food? Then Huck’s Cafe is the place to be!” Oh yes, today, I am going to share with everyone about Chef Huck Seng whom have time after time, trilled me with his passionate and creative meal.

Located at 22 Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar, this cosy home based restaurant is open for dinner daily from 7 pm till 1130 pm. Please be advised this is by reservation dining establishment, therefore, please ensure that you contact them and make reservation in advance. They may be reached at Huck’s Cafe. Reason why no walk-in allow? This is because one will need to choose the main course at least 2 days in advance as Chef Huck Seng and his crew buys the ingredients fresh daily and cook them to order.

Going through the large range of menus and finding it hard to choose your main course? Fear not! Leave it to Chef Huck Seng and his crew to serve you with “Surprise Me” choice where they will decide what they want to whip up for you that night. All you need to do is to advise them that you wish to have “Surprise Me” and any dietary limitation that you may have and leave the rest to them.

I was introduced to Huck’s Cafe back in 2011 when a good friend brought me there for my birthday dinner. Back then the menu were very simple but simply delicious. And since then, I have been back on numerous occasions. Being it a simple get together with my friends, for any celebration or just when I am missing the food… Huck’s Cafe is definitely a place that I shall return over and over again.

Dinner in Huck’s Cafe usually started with a starter served with a lovely drink, soda with basil seeds…. yum…


Then we get the choice of 2 types of soup that are available for the day. My far most favorite is definitely the pumpkin soup.


Then comes the main course that you have chosen or if you have chosen “Surprise Me”, then the selected dish will be served. The friendly server usually when serving the main course, will tell you the name of the dish.

Following the main course, there will be another drink that will be served. Usually it would be a local sourish drink, however it would depends on what is available for the day. I have always enjoyed the refreshing “Kedodong Plum” that helps with the digestion after a very filling course.


Always my favorite part of the dinner in Huck’s Cafe, the dessert. After so many years and so many dinners, my favorite dessert would remains… Creme Brulee although Huck’s Cafe offers many other lovely home made desserts.


Many other yummy desserts are available

To end the memorable evening at Huck’s Cafe, the option of tea or local coffee will be served. This usually is followed by the friendly Chef Huck Seng, refreshed after spending the evening cooking with passion to serve the patrons, personally walking around, thanking everyone for coming. Indeed a perfect way to end the evening!





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