Nagoya Travel : Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (志摩スペイン村)

Nagoya (名古屋) is Japan’s fourth most populated city, located in Chubu region as the capital of Aichi Prefecture as well as one of Honshu (本州)‘s three large metropolitan center.

When one is holidaying in Nagoya (名古屋)one place that should be included into the travel itinerary would be Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (志摩スペイン村). Also known as Shima Spain Mura, it is a Spain designed theme park that features multiple exciting rides. To add to the excitement, there are flamenco dance performance around the grounds. And for those shopping enthusiastic, there are many shopping options around.

To get there, we took Subway from Sakae (Aichi) station towards Takabata on the Higashiyama Line where we got off at Nagoya Station and then walking for about 5 minutes towards Kintetsu-Nagoya Station where we took the Kintetsu to Shima-Isobe Station. The whole journey took approx 1 hour 15 minutes. From Kintetsu-Nagoya Station, we took the reserved seat with an additional cost of 1,320 yen on top of the 1,860 yen for the journey (cost of 200 yen for subway + cost of 3,180 yen per adult for kintetsu ride = total of 3,380 yen). From Shima-Isobe Station, we took the free shuttle bus to our destination.

Alternatively, if one is coming from Toba, it only takes 20 minutes on the limited express train, cost of 890 yen or 30 minutes via the local train, cost of 380 yen per person.

Hours & Fees for Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (志摩スペイン村)

We were lucky that the park where pretty much ours when we were visiting as we were there during their off peak day (weekday). And we received the best attention from the park associates despite that the weather of the day was kinda gloomy.

Heading into the entrance, we started our adventure of the day exploring Espana Avenue which then leading to the beautiful sight of Cibeles Plaza where exciting Food & Beverage outlets awaits located in the Mayor Plaza. There are varieties of offerings, ranging from cafe to pizza parlor to Spanish restaurant.

Inside beautiful Mayor Plaza

When visiting a Spanish Theme Park, of course we had to have Spanish food for lunch!

After lunch, we then head off to check out The Xavier Castle Museum (Museo “Castillo De Xavier”). Here, one can experience Spain’s history spanning up to 12,000 years. Consisting of heavy stones stacked together in an actual reproduction of the birthplace of Francis Xavier whom is known as the first Christian missionary to visit Japan. The building itself is indeed a beautiful historical significance.

DSC_9438 (2)

In the Columbus Plaza, we took the Feliz Cruize, mini-cruise that rides past a beautiful fountain and exciting scenes from the Spanish Festivals.

A walk down the Santa Cruz Street where we were able to see beautiful scenery and flowers everywhere. For the wine and beer lovers, there is a Wine & Beer Travel in Europe Pavilion here, so don’t missed that out! And for those whom are looking for adventure, check out the Treasure Hunting in Dragon’s Castle (entrance fees of 500 yen applicable) for an exciting treasure hunt and win some prizes.

In the Colosseum area

In the Carmen Avenue, one not to be missed is the Teatro “Puerta Del Cambron”, a movie theater that houses a giant screen introducing Spanish history and culture. Teatro “Puerta Del Cambron” is designed after the Cambron Gate in Toledo, an ancient Spanish city.


Embassy Hall, an event hall which also offers benches for visitors to Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (志摩スペイン村) who wishes to sit down for a short rest. Which resting your weary feet, one may enjoy the decorations containing many aspect of Spain.


Our final stop in Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (志摩スペイン村) is Fiesta Plaza where we enjoyed ourselves with the various exciting rides. Brings out the “kid” in us!

Don Quixote’s Magical Flight, our journey to a fantastic world on a flying galleon……

Exciting rides

Many other attractive places to check out at Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village 

Finally, it is time to head back… ending our exciting adventure for the day. Goodbye Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village (志摩スペイン村) and thank you for the memorable day!




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