A trip down memory lane @ Poppo Kanteen

Ask any Malaysian whom have stayed abroad for a period of time or whom had been away from home for a period of time, what do they missed the most during the period of time that they were away. At least 65% would have said that they missed the local cuisine i.e Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik etc…

Someone raved to me something mid of last year about this fantastic school canteen style dining venue located in Cheras. He went on sharing with me about how fantastic the food was and of course his far most favorite is their “Kedondong Asam Boi” drink that is served in the traditional tin cup just like how it was served in the school canteen back during his school days (of course he and I are of different generation….he is way older than I am).

Poppo Kanteen originated from a canteen operator in one of the secondary school in Batu Pahat. The operator, whom they fondly address as Poppo (Grandmother) wanted to serve her customers (students and teachers) like how they are served in the restaurant instead. So Poppo planned a grand menu offering authentically right to the origins of the recipe. Drinks were focus towards juices and more healthy drinks.

Poppo‘s most famous dish of all was her Nasi Lemak, where she crafted it with fragrant rice accompanied with great set of side dishes served with sambal that is suitable for everyone.

Poppo Kanteen (Taman Segar)
No. 26, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar,
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Latitude: 3.089538 / Longitude: 101.742508
Tel: 03-9134 6923
OPEN 8.00am to 12.00am
Google Map Location: Location Map

To my surprise recently when I heard that this popular place, Poppo Kanteen has now open a new branch recently in Sri Petaling, which was much nearer to my house. So I decided to head over to check out the place as well as to have my dose of Nasi Lemak.

The address for the Sri Petaling Brand (open January 2016) as below :

Poppo Kanteen (Sri Petaling)
No. 65, Jalan Radin Anum 1, Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9134 6923
OPEN 8.00am to 12.00am
Google Map Location: Location Map

Poppo Kanteen Sri Petaling were pretty easy to find to our surprise. Anticipating that parking would be a little difficult in the area, we were surprised to find that there were parking space allocated for the patronage of Poppo Kanteen just next to the outlet. So convenience.

The outlet decoration is very simple and cosy. There are both indoor and outdoor seating to suit the different type of clientele.

We tried their recommended Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah… juicy chicken and true to their statement, the sambal is yummy, not too spicy, perfect even for those whom are not able to eat spicy food. We love the sambal so much to the extend we ordered it as a side dish (only Rm0.90) as we could not get enough of it.

Being a Mee Siam lover, I ordered Mee Siam served with Ayam Masak Merah. A combination of both of my favorite local food. Not too spicy nor sour, the mee siam is just perfect. As for the Ayam Masak Merah, the portion of the chicken were too big for us to be able to finished it. However, we must compliment how tender the chicken breast was. Served in a tin plate, the presented dish and the environment did bring back nostalgic memories of dining in the school canteen.


Both of us are eggplant lovers, so we decided to order the Sambal Eggplant to compliment our main dishes. Not too soggy, the eggplant were delicious, served with the right amount of sambal.


Noticing how attractive the toast look in the menu, the greedy us also ordered 1 piece of their garlic toast. This goes very well with the extra portion of sambal that we have ordered.


After the high recommendation prior to us visiting Poppo Kanteen, we ordered the popular Kedondong Asam Boi and Asam Jawa Lemon Ice for out drinks. Such a hot day, so ordering the Jumbo size only makes sense. As I mentioned earlier, both jumbo drinks were served in the canteen-like tin cup. Perfect choice of drinks on a super hot day to quench our thirst.


On my second visit to Poppo Kanteen for dinner with my family, unfortunately we encountered an unpleasant experience with their service. Having once worked in the service experience team, I must admit that I do have a little higher expectation. Although I tried to avoid sharing unpleasant experience online via various channel of social media, this is definitely an experience that I would like to share just as to highlight that when one is dining in this wonderful establishment, do not have too much of a high expectation when it comes to service.

We placed our orders and within 15 minutes, most of our orders arrived at our table. Unfortunately, 2 of our orders never came despite another 10 minutes of wait. So I called one of the associate to follow up. He came back to us after a while and explained that kitchen missed the order so they are preparing it now.

Another 10 minutes of wait with 1 of the missing order finally arrived on our table. I then followed up another time for the missing last order. Another 5 minutes wait with nothing, not even associate coming back to advise us. I got up and went over to ask again to which they scrambled looking around asking what is going on. Finally after another round of waiting for about 5 minutes, I went up again to them and asked them about my missing order, having to explain all over again as it is a different associate each time. He finally came over and (without even an apologies), advising that kitchen is preparing it and it is going to be served in 2 minutes.

Losing my patience, I started timing them and true enough, 5 minutes later, there is still no sight of the dish. I got up and told them off about it asking them what is going on. Finally several minutes later, another associate finally served the order. In her un-sincere apology, she said this: “I am sorry, our new associate served your dish to the wrong table and hence the delay”. This is totally different from what I was told earlier. Sigh!

Despite the unpleasant experience in service, I must compliment that the food standard served are good.

Garlic toast with egg is a good choice. Nicely toasted garlic toast, it is served with a lovely poached egg on top. The combination goes extremely well with the sambal or even the rendang sauce served with the other dishes that we ordered.

An oxtail and rendang lover, Oxtail Rendang is something that I must try. Not wanting to have the heavy rice for dinner, I decided to order it as a side dish instead. Right choice as dipping my eggy garlic toast in the rendang gravy is simply yummy.


And finally the missing dish that brings on the un-pleasant experience with their service….. Nasi Lemak Rendang Perut Lembu (Perut Lembu is the malay word for cow stomach). Although the wait was extremely long, I must say that this is indeed a very delicious dish.


Despite the un-pleasant experience during my 2nd visit with my family, I must say that Poppo Kanteen has a lot of delicious food that is suitable for everyone of all ages. Their sambal and curry are nicely cooked to suit the taste of even the elderly and young children as they are not too spicy while able to maintain the original flavor of the dish. We will definitely be back again to check out the other interesting drinks and food served.


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