Memorable Cafe experience @ Gee & Geek

With the current Salted Egg Yolk dishes buzz, many bakeries, restaurant and cafes are coming up with exciting dishes. After returning from my travel recently, my best friend sent me a list of cafes to check out that she would like to visit over our regular catch up sessions. While going through the list, I read a review recommending Gee & Geek located in SS2, Petaling Jaya where it is said that their Crispy Pork Salted Egg Yolk Pasta is highly recommended.

Located near the Taman Bahagia Putra Station, Gee & Geek is located at:

  • Address : 46, Jalan SS2/4a, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Opening Hours : 0900 hrs – 2200 hrs (Note that kitchen is only open from 1100 hrs / Break : 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs)
  • Telephone : +603-7496-5907
  • Social Media : Facebook Page – Gee and Geek


The cafe has a very contemporary yet simple look. From my several visit there over the past 2 weeks, I noticed that the place is run by a group of young and energetic people. Friendly, they are very passionate about their product. And what I like the most is the service rendered. Allow me to share my experience there before I share the dishes that I have tried there.

My first time there, we were mean to meet up with a friend whom recently return from abroad for a short holiday. We went there first to wait for the friend. After we were seated, the young lady whom were attending to us, patiently recommend some of their signature dishes on the menu while advising us that as the food will be prepared to order, it will take a little time to cook. We certainly don’t mind that as we are there to enjoy a good catch-up therefore we certainly have the time to spare. Unfortunately for us, after 2 hours of waiting, our beloved friend confirmed was terribly lost somewhere. So we decided to head over to the area that she has gotten lost instead which cut short our time. The friendly girl whom was attending to us earlier, overheard our telephone conversation actually came up to convey how sorry she is that our friend is lost trying to get to Gee and Geek.

While my most recent visit, which is my 3rd visit, I was there to catch up with a friend whom I have not met for a long time due to our busy and conflicting work schedule. After spending 2 hours there and just when we were about to ask for our bill, the electricity suddenly went out. Taking it as a sign for us to leave, we asked for the bill. To our surprise, the lovely girl whom attended to us told us that our bill will be on the house that day due to the inconvenience caused due to the power failure. As tempting as the offer is, we felt that it is definitely not fair for the passionate team, hence we insisted in paying for our bill. The efficient customer recovery service rendered is highly commendable.

Now to the introduction of what we had enjoyed at Gee and Geek. Let’s start with the drink.

Over the 3 visits there, I have tried Salted Caramel Latte (both cold and hot version), Caramel Latte and Creme Brulee Latte, Frosted Mint Mocha (both cold and hot version). Yes, I am a coffee lover and could take up to 3 cups a day. Nothing to truly to shout out about but I would say that they use a reasonably good coffee beans for their coffee. The flavoring are mainly from the popular Monin sauce but one could see the effort and passion when the barista is preparing your drink.

Gee and Geek served Churros… I am a lover of Churros… so definitely this is a must try since it is also listed as one of their signature dish. The dish took about 15 minutes to serve (totally understandable as it is made from scratch). The result unfortunately is a little disappointing. The Churros are a little too thin and it is kinda hard. Although I must compliment that I like the Caramel sauce (why not… I am a caramel lover after all).


Under the brunch option, we tried Geek’s Super Sandwich, a 3 layer sandwiched of eggs, bacon, ham and tomatoes topped with melted cheese. The dish is served with a generous portion of fried and salad.


What is a visit to Gee and Geek if we don’t try their highly commendable signature dish that everyone is raving about online? So, during my 2nd visit where I wanted some quiet time to myself sitting in a cosy cafe over a cup of latte, I decided to try their Roasted Pork Salted Egg Yolk Pasta. Creamy Pasta of sauce made from Salted Egg Yolk, this dish is a simple dish of pasta served with crispy Roasted Pork. Just as everyone is raving about, this is definitely something worth trying.


I was privileged enough to be able to enjoy their recent promotion, option of 3 type of their signature dish with a cup of coffee / tea at only RM18. Indeed a good deal. So I took the opportunity to try their Geek’s Signature Pork Burger. Juicy pork patties top with melted grilled cheese, bacon and egg served on top of soft burger bun and served with a generous portion of fries and fresh salad. Indeed a dish not to be missed for those burger lovers!

A truly enjoyable experience that comes with excellent service, Gee and Geek has definitely been added into one of my favorite dining option in Petaling Jaya.

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