Nagoya Travel : Toba Bay & Irukajima Island (Dolphin Island) Cruise

Our exploration to Toba (鳥羽市) during our Nagoya Travel. We head out from Nagoya by taking the Kintetsu Train (reserved seats available only) straight to Toba Station. The entire journey is approx 1 hour and 38 minutes. From the station, we took a 10 minutes walk to Toba Marine Terminal, where our exploration of Toba Bay Cruise starts.

Toba Bay Cruise including of exploration on Dolphin Island is available at only 1,800 yen per adult and 1,000 yen per child. For more information, please find attached : Shima Marine Leisure

While waiting for the excursion to start, we managed to spend sometime checking out Toba Marine Terminal area… beautiful indeed!

We took the Toba Bay Cruise, a 50-minute excursion around Toba Bay area. The beautiful blue sea of Toba Bay is designated as a national park while the indented coastline are very attractive.

Our cruise is on-board a uniquely designed ships which is modeled on Ryugu-Jo, the castle in a Japanese folktale “Urashima-Taro.” We were very privileges to be able to see some of the seagulls flying together with the cruise as we cruise around the Toba Bay.

The cruise will leave the port with stop at Dolphin Island before stopping next on Mikimoto Pearl Island. We only did the stop on Dolphin Island and not Mikimoto Pearl Island as we are not that much interested in the Pearl Island. Additional charges also applies for those whom are interested in making the stop on Mikimoto Pearl Island.

Dolphin Island, also known as Irukajima Island, is a small Island along Toba Bay. This is an island where one is able to see the live performance by the dolphin and sea lions. Here, we managed to see the live performance of the dolphin immediately upon arriving on the island, which were perfect timing and the perfect way to start our excursion on Dolphin Island.

There are scheduled timing for the cruise to drop off and pick up, hence we were given opportunity to explore the island on our own. So after the show, we head off for a quick lunch at the restaurant located on the island. A simple self service restaurant with vending machine to order and make payment.

After lunch, we explored the beautiful Island and found a beautiful beach at the end of the walk.

There is lift up to the Observation Area where one could see the Heart Lock Bell. There is a charge of 500 yen per person for the lift which is available from Sancho Station. Alternatively, one can walk up, approx 8 minutes walk.


There are also other activities on the island, Dolphin Feed Experience as well as Dolphin Touching Experience that we missed due to the timing.

Once you are done with the exploration on the Island, you can head back to the Jetty to wait for the next cruise pick up. Heading back into Toba Bay Cruise, you will then continue with the cruise back to the Toba Marine Terminal.


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