Nagoya Travel : A stroll along Okage-Yokocho

Nagoya Travel : Toba Bay & Irukajima Island (Dolphin Island) Cruise

After our memorable day exploring Toba Bay and Irukajima Island, we took the Kintetsu to Ujiyamada Station where we took the bus to our next exploration for the day, Okage-Yokocho.

  • Address : 52, Nakanokiri-cho, Uji, Ise city 516-8558
  • Hours : Summer period (April ~September )9:30~18:00 /                                                               Winter period (October~March) 9:30~17:00                                                       ※Special opening hours apply for high season. Some restaurants are open after 18:00. Last order at restaurants 30 minutes before closing time.
  • Official website 
  • Okage Yokocho Guide

Okage-Yokocho is a traditional Japanese street located in front of the Naiku Gate of Ise-Jingu Shrine. A reproduced townscape of Ise, Okage Yokocho was built in 1993 by “Akafuku”, the time-honoured local sweet shop with over 300 years of history that is situated alongside the entrance-way to Naiku Gate of Ise-Jingu Shrine. This is in order the revitalize the area.

A stroll around this area, one will enjoy the meals and interesting shopping from the over 50 shops that sell various handicrafts in additional to enjoying the beautiful natural surrounding filled with bountiful resources.


On the weekends and national holidays, there will be live performance of Taiko Drums that is held in the middle of the district.


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