Takayama Travel : Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市)

On our way to Shirakawa-go (白川郷), we made a stop in night stop in Takayama (高山) which give us the opportunity to explore this beautiful and peaceful mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. Takayama (高山) retains a traditional touch making it a beautifully preserved old town. Now Takayama (高山) is ranked as one of the prime destination for travelers to Japan what wishes to add rural element into their itineraries.

A trip to Takayama (高山) is only completed when one checks out the Takayama Morning Market (高山朝市). There are actually two morning markets in Takayama (高山), Jinya-mae Market (陣屋朝市) that is located in front of Takayama Jinya and Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市), that is located along Miyagawa River.

We were staying in BEST WESTERN Takayama which is only a short walk away from Takayama (高山) main train station. From the hotel,  Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市) is only a short 5 minutes walk.

Because Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市) is located next to the Miyagawa River, it was a refreshing walk while checking out the market. The Miyagawa River is quite a picturesque with clear water. Not even to mention that the air are very refreshing.

Only operating in the morning, most of the stalls would be close by noon. There are many fresh locally produced products that are available at Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市). Even local handicrafts are sold either at the stall or the shops around the Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市). The popular good luck charm of Hida Region, Sarubobo (さるぼぼ) can be seen almost everywhere.

A stroll down Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市)

Local snacks – Owara Tamaten. Made from egg white and honey, it is sweet and soft.

A short yet refreshing walk around Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市) ends our memorable morning in Takayama (高山) just before we head off to our next destination, Shirakawa-go (白川郷).

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