Tim Hwang (팀) is back with a new digital single

After a long wait of four years, much to his fans delight (I jumped for joy),  Tim (팀) has finally released a new digital single!

The beautiful track titled 기대도 돼 – Lean On Me (this name might be changed later as mentioned by Tim during the release of this single) was produced by Tim (팀) himself and 2FACE. A beautiful piece that is a mixture of piano, string and French horn, it definitely melted my heart when I finally heard the song when it was steam live on April 18, 2016 on his Facebook page.

For those whom had missed the live performance on April 18, it is now available at 팀(Tim) 싱글 앨범 ‘기대도 돼’ 발매 기념 라이브 이벤트

And for his fans out there, let’s support him and purchase his new digital single @ 기대도 돼 Purchase on Itune.

And here, sharing again my all time favorite song of Tim (팀)

Read more about Tim Hwang (팀) @ My Prince of Ballad : Tim (팀)

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