Saturday morning date @ The Crusty Nest

My little one recently started a fetish on pies, especially Cottage Pies. So this morning, when he requested to head over to his favorite pie shop, I diverted his attention to check out The Crusty Nest that is located in SS15, Subang Jaya. After this morning date with him here, he has added this place into his favorite dining place list.

The Crusty Nest was recommended to me recently by a friend when we recently catch up over a cup of coffee. This simple yet cosy little place caught my attention from the 1st visit, hence am back again this morning with my little fussy eater.

Founded by a group of friends, The Crusty Nest came about after they spent time in Australia and visiting similar outlets there. Completing their training in the art & science of pastries under French baking maestros, they finally brought their delicious yet simple pies to the public.

Details of The Crusty Nest

Reasonably priced, these yummy pie treats are available from RM10 up to only RM15 with a decent portions for small eaters like myself. For my first visit, I tried the highly recommended Piezza, a cross-bred between pie & pizza with chicken and cheese. Simply delicious. Unfortunately, because I was too busy and happy to be able to catch up with my friend, totally forgotten to take photo of the pie.

For today, my little one ordered Jackie The Meat Pie, a flavorful pie of minced beef and tomato sauce topped with mashed potatoes (very similar with the Cottage Pie that he wanted). It is so good to the extend that he had a second helping of the pie… something so rare as he is not only a fussy eater, he is also a small eater.

Looking for something sweet?  There are lots of sweet desserts and pies available as well. I was recommended the Lemon Meringue Pie, which I happily tried today. Indeed a wise choice.

Apple Crumbles was also recommended. So I ordered that to go so that I could have that at home later. A good portion of apples on a buttery crust, this is indeed a highly recommended for apple lovers.


In many places where we order Mocha drink, there is always only a hint of chocolate with aromatic coffee. The Iced Mocha served here is rich in chocolate giving it a good chocolaty taste without being too sweet. Perfect for those Mocha lovers out there!


May 1 note : I am back to check out more from the menu. Today we had TCN Grilled Chicken Sandwich…. deliciously grilled chicken in a crispy toasted bread…. Perfect choice for light lunch 😍

And for dessert, I tried their famous The Wedding Cheesecake. Not too creamy nor too sweet, this cheesecake is simply awesome!

Not forgetting my healthy apple juice drink. Different from the usual apple juice, this juice is blended instead of juiced. And I ❤️ it!

Overall, I personally have also added The Crusty Nest into my favorite place to hang out. Being a pie lover myself, I loved the buttery crust which goes very well with savory and sweet pies. So, I will definitely be back again!



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