Another Memorable Evening @ Huck’s Cafe

The owner of Huck’s Cafe, Huck Seng has recently returned from his solo exploration @ Austria, the land of The Sound of Music. New menus are now available at Huck’s Cafe. So, I just had to return recently to Huck’s Cafe to check them out.

So what are the new dishes now available? Let’s start with the appetizer… We were very lucky as Huck Seng was able to buy Zucchini Flowers. And this gives us the opportunity to taste the super delicious seasonal dish – Deep Fried Zucchini Flowers

Deep Fried Zucchini Flowers… stuffed Zucchini fried and served with yummy sauce. The Zucchini Flowers were very light and it compliments well with the sauce (unfortunately, I don’t know the name although it was shown to me)

Tatar Vom Rind (Steak Tatare) – a medium rare beef served with raw eggs on top of it. Although Huck Seng ensure that it is a fresh AA egg, for those whom are not used to having raw egg, the steak is delicious on its own. So one can choose to opt not to have it.

King Luwid ll Steak – This beautifully presented dish is Tenderloin Steak from Australia served with King Luwid’s sword in the steak. Cooked to perfection depending on guest preference (Raw, Medium Raw, Medium Well or Well Done) with delicious accompanying salad.

Slow-roast Lamb Shoulder – Lamb Shoulder roasted with Spicy Peach Sauce…. perfect combination of juicy peach with tender lamb. What more can one ask for?

Want to have seafood instead of meat? Then, Ocean Melodies is the perfect dish to order! Served on a chopping board in the shape of a Shark, this balance and healthy meal comes with generous servings of Baked Spicy Spanish Scallops, NZ Mussels, XL Tiger Prawns with lots of fruits. Since there is only 1 chopping board, applicable for 1 order per night only. And this is sharing basis for 4 person.

For pasta lovers, Danube Dream is the perfect dish for you! Creative dish, it is a pie like dish with Spicy Baked Seafood Pasta served inside. Featuring delicious assorted seafood of XL Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Half Shell Scallops…. Yum!

For Adults Only! Kahlua Ice-Cream is a dessert to die for…… Home made 5-layer dessert ice-cream of dark chocolate cookies, coconut ice-cream, chocolate wafer, Kahlua Chocolate Ice-Cream and topped with Whiskey-soaked Raisins and Chocolate. Beautifully and well-complimented layers of sensation….. We were indeed very lucky that Huck Seng brought back this Limited Time Only dessert the night we were there! Now, we hope that this awesome dessert is here to stay at least for a while…. as we definitely want to come back for more…..

Another awesome new dessert for us to end our memorable dinner @ Huck’s Cafe. We were very privilege to have the opportunity to be the first to try Salzburger Nockerl, a special Austrian (originated from Salzburg hence the Salzburger) sweet soufflé made from egg yolk, flour, sugar and vanilla.

Be warn, there is waiting time for Salzburger Nockerl as it has to be freshly prepared and serve warm with powdered sugar and berries sauce. Each serving is for 3 person as it is a sharing dessert dish.

Simply a memorable evening with great company and many great dishes. We will definitely be back for more of these delicious food.

Want to check out more of this menu? Head over to The Sound Of Music Album @ Huck’s Cafe. The images of each each of these dishes are much better there as well….


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