Buka Puasa Pasar Malam style @ V E Hotel & Residence

Following my recent wonderful experience when I decided to hold my son’s birthday party at the newly opened V E Hotel & Residence located in Bangsar South City, (check out if you have not, my review here: Lunch Experience @ The Straits Estate, V E Hotel & Residence), I happen to be having a drink at The Straits Estate when I saw the Pasar Malam Buka Puasa review happening the other night. Being a busybody as usual, I got myself invited to check out the lovely spread that they had prepared for the media that night.

A Pasar Malam themed buffet spread, featuring signature favorites from the various states of Malaysia, I was totally taken aback with the beautiful spread in front of me. There were just so many options, I literally did not know where to start.

After walking around twice to check out the wonderful spread, I decided to start with the laksa. Offerings a total of 13 types of laksa from the 13 states of Malaysia, I ended up with Assam Laksa, from my understanding is the pride of Penang. Flavorful and sourish fish with tamarind broth, this dish is listed as number 26th on World’s 50 most delicious foods compiled by CNN Go in 2011. Indeed a wise choice for me whom love something sourish.


Next, I checked out the Grilled / BBQ section…. a good varieties of fish, seafood and meat to choose from… Totally heavenly for those meat and seafood lovers out there!


There are varieties of Arabian food options, from roasted lamb grilled to perfection, chicken / lamb Shawarma with briyani rice.


Anyone missing ulam and kerabu? Here, they offer a good spread of delightful ulam, kerabu, sambal and salad. From Ulam Kampung, Kerabu Paku to Soo Hoon with Seafood, one will get to savor many different type of traditional ‘appetizers’.



Daging Masak Merah, Butter Prawns and Ayam Goreng Berempah to name are some of the popular local dishes that are available. I must compliment these dishes as they are indeed superb. Reminds me of those days where I was privileged to enjoy these dishes when I was staying in the ‘kampung’. Unfortunately, I was so eager to try out these yummy dishes, I forgot to take photos.

End the memorable dinner sweetly with the refreshing local desserts, ice-kacang or cendol, sinful yet delectable local kuih muih or french pastries.

The Holy Month of Ramadhan starts today. Have you made plans with your family and friends for breaking fast gathering? Head over to The Straits Estate, V E Hotel & Residence and check out their lavish Pasar Malam Buka Puasa Feast. Priced only at RM108+ per adult, it is indeed a bargain! For reservation details or to find out more, check it out at : The Straits Estate – Pasar Malam Buka Puasa Feast. Available starting June 10 onwards, come in a group of 20 people or more and enjoy 25% discount off (terms and condition applicable).

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