C-Novel Review: Can I Not Marry? (可不可以不嫁人)

After several weeks of missing out on the chapters from this wonderful novel, I finally is able to finished reading the now finished translated version. Thanks to Sut3kii, I was able to enjoy reading this funny story of this lovely couple.

Can I Not Marry? (可不可以不嫁人) is a sweet and short story of a girl named Du Lei Si (Durex) whom had the phobia of getting married. Funnily, she was proposed suddenly on the street one day by a handsome young man.

Thinking that it is a stunt from the television station, out of kindness, she accepted the diamond right. Much to her surprised later, she discovered that the proposal to the acceptance and agreement to the marriage is indeed true and not a television stunt. And the groom is actually a genuine rich man!

The story tells about the marriage of Du Lei Si (whom had always wanted to change her name as it sounded like Condom brand) to Lian Jun, the president to his own company. She started her marriage live by working as a condom promoter in his company much to his dismay. Many funny incidents happen in between leading to her quitting her job and then later moved to the reception.

What started out as a 3 months contract fake marriage turns into a genuine marriage where Lian Jun slowly started falling in love with the silly yet loving Du Lei Si. While the silly girl slowly realized that she is falling for him, she finds it hard to believe that her husband truly loves her.

The novel has a good ending. It is a light and funny read. So, if you are in need of a good read, head over to Sut3kii – Can I Not Marry? now and enjoy. I know I would be going back to re-read the entire novel when I finally get around finding the time.

This is Sut3kii last translation project for now. I know that I will missed reading her selections of translation. And I hope that she would be able to find time to come back with another translation project in the near future. Wishing her the best and once again, thanking her for presenting such a wonderful translation for us non-chinese readers.

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