[EDITORIAL] 160628 A letter to the Korean Press (By Liusu_qingcheng 流苏_倾城) — JYJ3

I have been a strong follower of Korean Music, Dramas as well as musical for more than 15 years. One of the many talented singers that I have been following from the early are TVXQ which later split and JYJ was formed with TVXQ remaining as a duo member group.

Park YooChun (Micky) whom acted in many popular dramas i.e Rooftop Prince (one of my favorite) & Missing You, just to name a few, is one of the korean star news that I had followed closely.

The recent sexual harassment case brought up against him had become a hot news almost everywhere. It hurts to read about those claims against the poor guy. And once a law student before, I believe that he is innocent till he is proven guilty in the court.

The letter by the lawyer Liusu qingcheng 流苏 倾城 to the Korean Press is a truly amazing letter that hit right to the core of what I believe in. Well done!

Note: Liusu_qingcheng is a lawyer from the United Kingdom * A letter to the Korean Press It’s been two weeks since sexual assault claims was brought against Mr. Park Yoochun, and during these two weeks, we saw a big show produced by the Korea Press on the stage. 1. What we see First of all, […]

via [EDITORIAL] 160628 A letter to the Korean Press (By Liusu_qingcheng 流苏_倾城) — JYJ3

And now, if only everyone leave him alone and let the Police along with all those involve in the investigation of the case before sharing the result of their final investigation.

I hope that YooChun’s true fans will continue to support him and this case does not end his career as a singer and actor. I know I will!

10 thoughts on “[EDITORIAL] 160628 A letter to the Korean Press (By Liusu_qingcheng 流苏_倾城) — JYJ3

  1. OMG he is my bias since DBSK days! It’s hard to see his fans turning back at him in this crucial moment..esp the so called Korean ones.. Sometimes k-netizens are too much!As a true loyal fan I’m still supporting him though he is guilty or not… Really appreciate the lawyer’s words👏

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    1. Totally agreed with you. A very good friend of mine and I have been following his case and although she is from Generation Y, she is very frustrated with all that is happening to him now. Poor guy. Just hope that this is all over soon and will not affect his comeback after his service.

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      1. Yes the charges are coming one by one n it’s totally frustrating… Even he is found guilty the girls should also be blamed!! Some went to his house some followed him to toilet lol..

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    1. 👍 I ❤️ all their songs even from TVXQ days 😍 have you heard of their Xmas album from TVXQ days, The Gift? Their songs were 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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      1. Oh…. You should check out their Xmas album. Email me and I will send you the songs…. Just to make you fall in love with them all over again. Never been to any of their concert though.

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