Creative and contemporary Malaysian cuisine @ Wondermama

Its been a while since I shared my experience while exploring exciting dining places. I have been to several exciting places that I wished to share with everyone, just time does not permit me in writing about the experience.

Last week, to celebrate the birthday of a colleague, we decided to check out Wondermama. We decided to explore their flagship outlet located in Bangsar Village I, Kuala Lumpur. Established in 2012, Wondermama is a vibrant, creative and contemporary restaurant bringing you a twist to the traditional local food of Malaysia.

As we walk into the outlet, we were amazed with the simple yet classy decorations. Very homely and cosy.

On a hot afternoon, the best way to quest the thirst is… 7-Asamboi… fizzy and a little sourish… this was simply heavenly!


We ordered a varieties of snacks as being a first time there, everything on the menu just looks great. But I must say that my favourite is the Crispy Kah-Lah Mari, crispy calamari deep-fried to perfection.

Too many choices and there were only 4 of us, we decided to share our main-course. Wise choice indeed as for the price, they were huge in portion. Definitely a sharing basis for small eaters like us.

And our verdict of the best main-course of the day…… WonderMama Black Spider Fried Rice, fried rice served with fried soft-shell crab top with black ebiko.


We will definitely be back again soon after such a wonderful and delicious lunch accompanied by attentive service crew. What more can one ask for a quick lunch around the Bangsar area….

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