C-Novel Review: Blazing Sunlight Book 1, 骄阳似我 by 顾漫 (Gu Man)

Gu Man (顾漫) has definitely become one of my favorite C-Novelist although her novels are pretty limited. As I have also mentioned in some of my past reviews, most of her novels have been made into C-Dramas. I personally like her writing style and most of the time, I could not stop reading from one chapter to the next.

So imagine having to wait eagerly and patiently for some of my favorite translator on hui3r to complete the translation before I re-read the entire novel all over again! Not even to mentioned, putting everything down when a new chapter is posted.

Peanuts had finally finished translating Blazing Sunlight, Book 1 (骄阳似我). And I managed to re-read the entire novel all over again all in 1 day. Am really thankful for these wonderful translators who made the effort in translation and sharing them for non-Chinese readers whom also love C-Novel like myself.

Blazing Sunlight (骄阳似我) is a story of Nie Xi Guang, the female lead whom after the end of her college years, from a broken heart left to start a new working life in another city. She was in love with a handsome, smart and one of the most sought after guy in college and chased him shamelessly only to find out later that he had a ‘dubious’ relationship with one of her roommates.

Xi Guang’s father, whom in reality owns a huge conglomerate although she stayed away from him as much as possible. She started working as a lowly staff in her dad’s friend’s company and that is where she met her boss, Lin Yu Sen. Although till the end of Blazing Sunlight (骄阳似我), Book 1, Lin Yu Sen and Xi Guang are dating, the real ending is yet to be known. And if Lin Yu Sen is the actual male lead (which I hope he is) or her first love, Zhuang Xu is the male lead.

So, after finishing the read on Blazing Sunlight (骄阳似我), Book 1 translated by Peanuts and the lovely team of hui3r, I am now eagerly awaiting for the completion of Blazing Sunlight (骄阳似我), Book 2.

So for those of you whom are interested reading this lovely novel by Gu Man (顾漫), you may read more about it from 骄阳似我 Blazing Sunlight Book 1 – 顾漫 on ShuShengBar.com

Can’t read Chinese but want to read this fantastic C-Novel, fear not…. the complete translated version is now available at 骄阳似我 Blazing Sunlight Book 1 – 顾漫 English Translation

Enjoy the read!

17 thoughts on “C-Novel Review: Blazing Sunlight Book 1, 骄阳似我 by 顾漫 (Gu Man)

  1. I’ve forgotten the story so I’m planning to read it again but still I’m torn between both male leads….. The first guy though seems to ignore her but actually he is also working hard to match her status and the second guy is just swoon worthy..who won’t fall for him😱…..hope they won’t break up in book2 as well!

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    1. Initially I could not remember the story as well so that’s why I went back to re-read the whole thing and managed to complete in a day. Luckily Internet was favorable today 😉 can’t wait for book 2.

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  2. hi… actually i kind of like it in the beginning, but i just hate the misunderstanding between her, her stupid roommates, and the boy.
    but they get separate and life’s goes on.
    really glad that xi guang can find her life, but still i hope that she ends up with Zhuang Xu.
    i don’t know its just me, but i can see the hurdle he had, his disposition, his family situation, and i-forgot-the-bitch-slash-roommate-name really annoying me.
    and when they separate that night before the graduation (forgot the time), i think he kind of said that he will come back an he will wait for her or asked her to wait for her. but too bad it just too late. and when they met again, she actually bring other guy as her ‘boyfriend’, and i can understand and feels for him. he’s actually trying really hard to reach his position in job an he managed to be transferred to the city as her, too bad the bitch is following him everywhere.

    everybody said lin yu sen is great and the best man for xi guang, but i just can’t agree with them. there’s unfinished business between xi guang and zhuang xu, and i really hope they can clear it up and be together.

    this story is more complicated and depressing than HH and ZX. that’s way i stop reading it and wait until the story finished, but sadly that maybe not in the next 1 or 2 years. we who gu man is.

    and here i am rambling at your site again, hope u don’t get bored with me… hehehe

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    1. Pili dear, everyone is entitled to their own opinions so it is never rambling on my site. At times your opinions actually opens my thoughts and see it from a different perspective. Thanks for sharing your thought. Have a great week ahead 😉


      1. i forgot, hahahaha
        maybe he’s disappointed with her cause bringing other guy???

        to bad i can’t make myself read it again. just tell me when the book 2 is out, i will definitely read it.

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      2. yeah… its like he said he will work hard and ask her to wait for him, but tradaaaaa she comes with ‘boyfriend’.
        Maybe i need Zhuang Xu pov as a redemption, hahaha.

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  3. Love the translations from peanuts. I do hope XG and LYS has a happy ending. Zhang Xu had his chance. His pride is the only thing holding him back. What if he encounters a failure in the future if they are together? Does he sacrifice her without explanations? Or lie and make her sad? I hate men and women who think like that!! In love, with or without money, sicknesses or good health…
    Cherish the moments together. Think of it this way, if your love leaves you because you had no money, no status, laging cripple in the hospital…then this person is not worthy of your time or ours.
    Zhang Xu, could have staked his claim, not beat around the bush …waiting to make money and for XG to see him as an equal!!! He could have also explained it to his family who he likes.
    No I am shipping XG and LYS. I hope ZX meets someone special. I hope to read his POV one day. Hope it will out this decade. Gu Man, I’m giving you 3 years to finish…then I am moving on. ….
    See how easy that was, ZX??

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