Busan Travel : Exploring Busan Station (부산역) & China Town (상해문)

After many months of planning, we are finally here in Busan (부산), South Korea for our summer holiday. Busan (부산) is a city located in the south-eastern province of South Korea. Also known as the largest port in South Korea, Busan (부산) is known for its beaches, mountains and temples.

Taking the red-eye flight, we arrived into Busan (부산) early morning. Excited with our upcoming adventure, there were no sign of tiredness in anyone of us.

After dropping our luggage in our ‘home’ for the next few nights, we started our 1st exploration for the day. We took a 15 minutes walk from our Accommodation, Hotel Foret Busan station (호텔 포레 부산역점) to Busan Station (부산역).

Musical Fountain in front of Busan Station (부산역)

Busan Station (부산역), located in the center of Busan is the main transportation (mainly train) hub of Busan (부산). There were varieties of eateries located in this main transportation hub. We had a quick lunch of simple korean food before heading to China Town (상해문), located just across Busan Station (부산역).

Also known as China Town Special Zone (부산 차이나타운특구 – (상해문.상해거리)), China Town (상해문), is located just across the street of Busan Station.

China Town (상해문) is also fondly known as Shanghai Street. Busan (부산) established ties with China in 1884, and this leads to the development of the Chinese community in the area.

China Town (상해문) is a Chinese-Style street that starts from the Shanghai Gate that was established by both the Busan City Council and Shanghai City Council. The area provides a good exploration of Chinese restaurants and shops.

China Town (상해문) is also accessible from Exit 3 of Busan Subway Station (Busay Subway Line 1).

After a quick exploration of the area which mainly are Chinese eateries, we head off to our next stop of the day.

Stay tune for my adventure and exploration the next destination….

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