Busan Travel : 40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street (40계단 문화관광테마거리)

After a memorable morning exploration to the famous Busan Gamcheon Culture Village (부산 감천문화마을), we head off to our next adventure.

We took the cab and head straight to Jungang-dong Station. At Exit 13, is where we started our exploration of 40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street (40계단 문화관광테마거리).

Before that, we had a quick lunch in a lovely and cosy little Japanese Ramen store just located a stone away. Unfortunately for us and added to my frustration (my travel mates are fussy eaters), there were many items that were not available on the already limited menu. We finally settle for Ramen. To our surprise, we were extended 4 cans of coke as compensation for our ‘frustration’. As we do not drink soft-drinks, we actually only took 2 for the kids to drink just to show our appreciation.

The Ramen were very delicious. That ended our lovely lunch before we start our exploration.

40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street (40계단 문화관광테마거리) is a 450m-street that starts from the Jungang-dong branch office of KB Bank that runs to the 40-steps stairway to the ’40-step Cultural Center’ and continues on to the Palseong Tour.

40-step stairway embodies the joys and sorrows of refugees and those displaced by the Korean War. The entire area is reflecting the life in Korea back in the 50s and 60s.

The ’40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street’ was designated ‘The Best Street’ by the Busan municipal government in June 2004.

Some of the other interesting spots / sights of 40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street (40계단 문화관광테마거리)

* 40-step stairway
The 40-step stairway, located in Jung-gu, Busan, was a hub of transportation and administration during the Korean War. Those who were displaced by the war gathered around the area and made makeshift housing out of sticks and tarps. The place also functioned as a marketplace where residents traded aid goods that were delivered at the nearby port. It was a place to meet family members separated during the war and a place that has since then come to symbolize the sorrow and grief of those living during the Korean War. The place has the deepest significance for the over 100,000 people that were displaced during the war and were subsequently scattered throughout Yeongju-dong Hill, Donggwang-dong and Bosu-dong.

* Railway
In memory of the Busan Train Station (now the location of the Jungang-dong Trade Center), a 140m-street was created in front of the 40-step Stairway, together with the 40-step Square and Railroad Crossing Plaza.

* Seaway
In commemoration of the Busan Port, under the theme of a ‘seaway,’ a 120m-street has been created in front of Sora Stairway, together with the Sora Stair Square and Pier Plaza.

* Others (The Gate of Peace)
The Gate of Peace is located near the entrance of Railway. A small light symbolizing the light of peace that never goes out casts its light over the 40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street.

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