Busan Travel : Bujeon Market

Ending our enjoyable, memorable and yet tiring exploration of Taejongdae Resort Park (태종대 유원지), after lunch we head back to the hotel for a quick rest. We then head out in the evening to explore Bujeon Market.

Located in the central neighborhood of Bujeon, this market has almost everything under the sun. Densely crowded, Bujeon Market sells from food to household goods as well as electronics. There are live seafood with squiggling octopuses and squids. Everything that a Korean household ever possibly need could be found here.


The beautiful Church of Bujeon

After a quick tour around the market, we walked to Seomyeon where we stop for dinner in Lotte Mall. Korean BBQ it is for dinner! And it was indeed a fantastic choice as everyone was very happy with the food with second helpings.

With our stomach filled…. we head back to our hotel, ending Part 1 of our South Korea Summer Vacation. Busan (부산) a memorable and enjoyable little town. Goodbye for now and hopefully we will be back again one day.


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