Mystical Jeju : Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크)

Day 6 – We headed off to Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크) for our 1st stop of the day on Jeju-do (제주도). Our friendly host for our Airbnb Accommodation is also our driver cum Tour Guide (yes we hired him to be our guide and driver for the entire trip in Jeju since he is also a part-time guide).

Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크) is built the Gotjawal primeval forest. Our exploration of Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크) start with train ride in look-alike of 1800s’ steam powered Baldwin train.

In the large Gotjawal forest with railway trails, we are able to see variety of plants, animals and insects living in the forests.

Our first stop was the Eco-Bridge Station. It is an unique course over 300m wide water deck on the beautiful green lake. Walking on this deck gives one the feeling on walking on the lake. At the end of the lake, were an area where one could enjoy Bumper Boat ride.

From the Eco-Bridge Station, we walk to the Lakeside Station. Here, there is an exotic scenery of lake and windmill that are harmonized using the geo-graphy of ground that used in the past for breeding horses.

In the Discovery Zone, one would be able to have fun with the big boat. You can also climb up the boat to have a good view of the surrounding.

From the Lakeside Station, we took the train to our next stop, Picnic Garden Station. Here in this station, one can enjoy a picnic on a wide open lawn grass. There is also Kids Town where children can play around. Not far from there, Eco Road is available where one can feel the forest of Gotjawal, walking in a forest setting foot on a mystical substance volcanic scoria made by underground magma.

Our final stop…. also one of my favorite stop….. Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station. Unfortunately, my favorite flower, Lavender is not in season, so no sight of Lavender. Never the less, we had a fantastic time taking photos with the cute bunny at the bridge leading into the Garden.

We ended our memorable exploration of Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크) with the train ride back to the Main Station.

For more information on Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크) please go to Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크)

Now…. off we go to our next stop!



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